Learning weekend 2017:

The Lifelong Learning Weekend WhatsApp courses  which are scheduled till December 2017 are listed below:

To have a consistency, the Sunday in person meetings for these will all be held at the same place, the WOODs, Greenwood City, Sector 46 Gurgaon. The WOODs is located opposite Unitech Cyber Park, between Vista Villas and Residenct Greens.

Participation happens with prior registration by sending a WhatsApp message to +919810073724 and sending RSVP for the specific SMILE event at Meetup.com

Time Schedule:
Rolling in and Networking : 9:45 to 10:00 am
Session 1: 10:00 am to 11:15 am
Tea and Selfie Break : 11:15 am to 11:45 am
Session 2: 11:45 am to 1:00 pm

On the Saturday preceding the scheduled Sunday in person event, a one day WhatsApp course is planned to be run on the same topic. The schedule for these WhatsApp based courses is also listed below:


Saturday October 7th : Learning Weekend: WhatsApp course on ‘Overcoming Maths Phobia’

Sunday October 8th : Learning Weekend: In person meet on ‘Overcoming Maths Phobia’

Saturday November 11th : Learning  Weekend: WhatsApp course on ‘What is worth Learning?’

Sunday November 12th : Learning  Weekend : In person meet on ‘ What is worth Learning? ’

Saturday December 9th : Learning Weekend : WhatsApp course on ‘ Our Rich learning heritage’

Sunday December 10th  : Learning Weekend: In person meet on ‘Our Rich learning heritage’

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Coming of Age in the 4th Industrial Age:

Coming of Age in the 4th Industrial Age:

The video of my TEDx talk gives a very brief outline of concerns related to the 4th Ibdustrial Age: My TEDx talk on Education in the 4th Industrial Age

This program ‘ Coming of Age in the 4th Industrial Age’ is directed at the young ( both boys and girls) who are coming of age (turning 18) in the years to come. We are aiming at the age group of 18+-2, that is from 16 years to 20 years.
This is about the same age group that pursues the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, The A levels and the Senior Secondary stage of the CBSE and other State Boards. Younger persons may not be able to benefit from the program, although students in post secondary courses ( general BA, BSc, BCom or Professional courses such as Engineering, Medicine or Law) would find this program helpful in preparing them for their future.

There is really no upper age limit for an enquiringly mind with the disposition of a life-long learner.

About the 4th Industrial Age:
It was at the World Economic Forum 2016 at Davos, that the phrase 4th Industrial Revolution was proposed by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum in his book ‘ The fourth Industrial Revolution’ launched at the Davos 2016 drew attention to the possibility that we have just transcended the 3rd Industrial Revolution into the beginnings of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

The program : Coming of Age in the 4th Industrial Age:

If this program is pursued sequentially, and without a break, the program can be completed in 4 months. With some slack, it can be done in 6 months.
Cluster 1: Learning is earning
1.1: Time Management
1.2: Learning how to learn ?
1.3: Learning from Mobile Apps and MOOCs
1.4: Financial Acumen

Cluster 2: Emerging Technologies
2.1: Big Data : the Big picture
2.2: Blockchain : Demystified
2.3: Machine Intelligence : what is it and why it matters?
2.4: Quantum Computing ( a Primer)

Cluster 3: Complex Problem Solving

3.1: Creative Intelligence
3.2: Critical Reasoning
3.3: Mathematical Modelling
3.4: Computational Thinking

Cluster 4: Being human ?
4.1: Homo Sapiens : a primer on human evolution
4.2: Ethics and Values
4.3: Emotional Intelligence
4.4: The future of work

To enrol in this unique and timely program, please send a mail to mmpant@gmail.com

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An investment in Education is the best Option

An investment in education is the best option:

I had written an essay with the above title in 2007 and 10 years later it seems to have become even more true now, at the edge of the 4th Industrial Age. That set of essays is now available here:


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Archived Newsletters :

We had produced and distributed a weekly newsletter on matters Educational


here is the link to the consolidated set of newsletters:



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My session at APJ Institute of Management Dwarka

Here is the PDF file of the presentation :



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Presentation at NPSC Conference 16th February 2017


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Thoughts shared at the 4th National Conference on School Education Leadership

Sharing my thoughts at the Brainfeed Magazine’s 4th National Conference on School Educational leadership at New Delhi on 4th Feb:
1: Learning is not a spectator sport; it is a participative one. We have to support ‘active’ learning and the teacher has to transform from the ‘sage on the stage’ and display attributes of a ‘coach’
2: India has a demographic dividend that has gone unnoticed: the retired and about to retire teachers, augmented by the new emerging technologies to create a global footprint.
3: An expert can demonstrate his or her expertise; but a teacher can make a expert out of an ignorant person; that is why they are so valuable in the future where the challenge is to very rapidly inform, educate and train very large numbers ( millions) in new emerging domains.
4: Eric Hanushek, Stanford Professor……http://hanushek.stanford.edu/publications/valuing-teachers-how-much-good-teacher-worth
5: The Economist dated 14th January 2017 emphasises life-long learning for succeeding in the age of hyper-automation.
6: It draws attention to fact that the purpose of a school is to build a better learner, who is curious, enjoys learning, has developed the habit of learning and is ready to be a life-long learner.
7: My response is the trinity of : coming of Age in the 4th Industrial Age; the TeacherPreneur and SmartParenting.
8: Elinor Ostrom’s work : learning communities can handle educational challenges better than either the Government or the large private corporations
9: Margaret Mead’s quote : never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed that is the way it has always been.
10: New emerging technologies affecting education : Big Data, Block Chain and Machine learning. Chatbots : Siri, Alexa..

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