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Becoming an UberSmart Learner

What do we really mean when we use the word “learn”? It is something we all do from the moment of birth, so most of us likely take this very complex process for granted. How many of you have spent … Continue reading

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Becoming a RockStar Teacher

The big buzz this week is how the Diwali release of 2 big Bollywood films are setting a new bar for revenue generation in the region of Rs 200 to Rs 250 crores. One of them was screened at about … Continue reading

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Fostering Learning Communities

Education is almost entirely driven by the Government. Education in India is primarily a State matter although there are several elements in the concurrent list. The Right to Education Act takes this further in prescribing free and compulsory Government provided … Continue reading

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Towards a Science of ideas: Ideonomy?

As I contemplate on present day issues, and the general confusion in opinions and arguments, and as many feel debate and discussions falling to lowest levels ever, I realise that it is actually flowing from a lack of a framework, … Continue reading

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Starting the Conversation on Learning 221

Learning 221TM is the expression I have adopted to describe the disruptive changes in the education landscape as a result of the rapid developments in information, communication and allied technologies in the immediate past and continuing in the foreseeable future. … Continue reading

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Disrupting Higher Education

I am  a panelist at a FICCI event  in a session with this theme. I have 5 minutes to make my initial comments and then there would be discussions. This is what I propose to  share in my 5 minutes.  … Continue reading

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