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Curated by Prof. M.M. Pant ( updated on 1-6-2022)

Amongst the top contenders of the most trending words of the year 2021, Metaverse offers a parallel virtual universe. It opens up a whole new world of economic prospects, from virtual music events to NFT-based products. Due to its vast potential, many big tech giants are already taking a leap and entering the world of Metaverse. 

Serious and concerted perusal of these resources will enable you to comprehend Metaverse in a more effective manner, giving you a significant advantage, in reaping its benefits. 

You will gain an understanding of the issues and acquire insights on several key points:

Have an idea of the emerging Metaverse

Know of various technologies involved in Metaverse

Learn how you can benefit with Metaverse

Explore different Use Cases of Metaverse, especially in education. 

There is a section on the Metaverse in Healthcare/ Medicine as education can benefit from the models of healthcare delivery. Much like we have doctors running their clinics in the Metaverse, we will have educators dispensing cognitive advice byway of ‘ learn8ng prescriptions’ in the Metaverse. 

We also share stories of Banking and FinTech in the Metaverse, because innovation often happens by adopting and infusing ideas from an apparently different context. 


1: Education in the metaverse (1:16 minutes):

2: Educating in the metaverse (0.47 minutes) :

3: The Metaverse for education (0.30 minutes)  :

4: 3D Meet is the first Metaverse platform for education ( 1 minute):

5: The Metaverse explained with examples (7 minutes):

6: What is the Metaverse (5 minutes):

7: Future of higher education in the metaverse (2 minutes) :

8:  Metaverse explained (5:37 minutes) :

9: Metaverse : 7 companies that are making it happen (  8 minutes):

10: Devlin Peck : Is the Metaverse the future of learning ( ~ 16 minutes):

11: How to build a metaverse for learning ? ( 13 minutes):

12: Microsoft Metaverse versus Facebook Metaverse ( 11:10  minutes) :

13: Ten ways to create content for the Metaverse (17minutes) :

14: How to make money in the Metaverse (13 minutes):

15: How to invest in the Metaverse (15 minutes):

16: The Metaverse land rush (12 minutes):

17: Music festival in Decentraland ( 6 minutes):

18: What is the Metaverse ( complete beginner’s guide): 12 minutes :

19: The education Metaverse (4 minutes):

20: Five ways to use virtual reality in education (12 minutes ):

21: What is the Metaverse? An easy  explanation  (10 minutes):

22: Accenture woos businesses with the Metaverse continuum : 

23: Marc Zuckerberg’s video: The Metaverse and how we will build it together Connect 2021 ( 1 hour 17 minutes   ) :

Philosophical issues concerning the Metaverse :

24: From the matrix to the Metaverse (~40 minutes) :

25: David Chalmers: for the future of life Institute (~ 2 hours) :

26: David Chalmers for Closer to truth : (~1 hour 13 minutes) :


Six best Metaverse books of all times :

1: Charlie Fink’s MetaverseAn AR Enabled Guide to AR & VR

2: Snow Crash : Neal Stephenson

3: A frayed New World: from Science Fiction to Society

4: Marching Toward the MetaverseStrategic Communication Through the New Media

5: The MetaversePrepare Now For the Next Big Thing!

6: Learning in MetaversesCo-Existing in Real Virtuality

7: Reality + by David Chalners

Articles : 

1: What is the Metaverse?

2: Metaverse and it’s educational potential : is it so far away:

3: Gartner predicts that 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse by 2026 either for work, shopping, education, social or entertainment:

4: The Metaverse Glossary : all the terms that you need to know :

Reports : 

1: Brookings report: education in the metaverse:

2: State of the Open Metaverse :

The Metaverse and Healthcare/ Medicine:

Since 2021, the concept of the metaverse has been widely discussed. It refers to the internet accessed via virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) glasses, and is considered to be the next-generation mobile computing platform that will be widely used in the future.

 Professor Chunxue Bai and colleagues have recently proposed the metaverse in medicine, and suggested naming 2022 as the “Year of the Metaverse in Medicine”. Their expert group further discussed the definition of the metaverse in the medical context, and its concept and application scenarios, as well as its clinical importance. It is expected that this new concept will contribute to improving comprehensive healthcare as well as prevention and treatment of diseases, and to upgrading the current diagnosis and treatment model – which varies widely between doctors and hospitals, creating uneven standards akin to production in handicraft workshops (referred to as the “handicraft workshop model”) – to a modern high quality “ six sigma” model that consistently delivers high standards.

Three areas in which the metaverse is likely to gain dominance in the healthcare industry are : Surgical operations, mental health and medical education and training. 

The UN General Assembly’s 2015 resolution regarding “ good health and well-being” will be realised most likely with leveraging the Metaverse. The SDG Goal 3 aims to achieve universal health coverage, that seeks equitable access of healthcare services to all men and women. It proposes to end the preventable death of newborns, infants and children under five and end epidemics.

The potential of the Metaverse in healthcare/ medicine is now well appreciated, but it may take another decade for it being used actively in the hospitals or medical practices. However practical implementation is already happening. The link at number 5 below describes a product that was shown at Dubai in January 2022. 

Louis Pasteur, pioneer of the “ germ theory of disease”  had said that “ fortune favours the prepared mind”. Let’s get fortunate with the Metaverse. 

A few carefully chosen links for further information:

1: Expert consensus on metaverse in medicine :

2: Metaverse: the next frontier in healthcare:

3: What role is the Metaverse playing in reshaping the health sector?

4: Metaverse in healthcare: the future is now :

5: Health City: a medical Metaverse :


Banking in the Metaverse :

The first bank to enter the metaverse with much fanfare was JP Morgan earlier this year. The US investment giant took a large plot in Decentraland and boasts a prowling tiger as a feature in its Onyx Lounge.

Since then, South Korea’s Kookmin Bank has opened up its customer services options by providing one-to-one consultations in the metaverse.

HSBC then followed, opening a branch in the established Sandbox region of the metaverse, while the UK-based payments fintech Sokin recently announced its imminent foray into the augmented reality platform. 

Launched in 2021 Sokin operates as a next generation payments provider rather than a bank, but the fintech is set to enable full ecommerce payments for the first time in the metaverse, allowing brands and businesses to grow from its physical store into the virtual world.

Currently no single metaverse world exists where consumers can shop their favourite brands, however, Sokin will launch its own metaverse community designed to process full ecommerce transactions. 

Useful links for more information: 

1: Accenture’s guide to banking in the Metaverse:

2: Banking on the Metaverse ( Forbes):

3: Why are Banks and Fintech entering the Metaverse :

4: Four ways Banks are experimenting in the Metaverse :

5: Banking in the Metaverse :


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