A long list of Whatsapp delivered courses:

Long Tail of Whatsapp courses: on offer from January 2018

The list is being continually updated, but comprises the following courses at the present:
List A: 5 day courses from Monday to Friday with 5 evenly distributed scheduled posts per day from 7 am to 7 pm  by the resource person(s). As of now there are 30 courses in this pool.
MMP01: Become a lifelong Learner
MMP02: Time Management for the Youth
MMP03: Learning from Mobile Apps and MOOCs
MMP04: Financial Acumen
MMP05: Big Data: the Big Picture
MMP06: Blockchain : demystified
MMP07: Machine Intelligence: what is it, and why it matters?
MMP08: Quantum Computing : a Primer
MMP09: Creative Intelligence
MMP10: Critical Reasoning
MMP11: Mathematical Modelling
MMP12: Computational Thinking
MMP13: Homo Sapiens : a primer on human evolution
MMP14: Ethics and Values
MMP15: Finding meaning and purpose in your life
MMP16: The future of work

MMP 17: Disruptive Educational Innovation
MMP18: WhatsApp for Educators
MMP19: Flipped Learning
MMP20: Developing and Marketing an educational ‘product’ or ‘service’
MMP21: Improving your English language skills
MMP22: Technology and Parenting
MMP23: Fostering the habit of learning
MMP24: Raising Emotionally strong Kids
MMP25: Developing a family educational Philosophy

MMP26: Awakening the Innovator within (you)

MMP27: Complexity : the challenge of the 21st Century

MMP28: Second Innings: learning strategy for the second half of life

MMP29: Health Literacy

MMP30: Death : Understanding it is critical to a happy life

List B: Learning Weekends: 2 day Whatsapp course on Saturday and Sunday with 5 scheduled posts per day by the resource person(s). As of now there are 15 courses in this cluster.

LW1: Overcoming Maths Phobia

LW2: What is worth learning?

LW3: Preparing for a 100 year life

LW4: If you lost your job tomorrow?

LW5: The rich Indian learning heritage

LW6: Negotiation Skills

LW7: AI& ML in education: Applications & Implications

LW8: AI& ML in business : Applications & Implications

LW9: AI& ML in health: Applications & Implications

LW10:AI& ML in law: Applications & Implications

LW11: Questioneering

LW12: Flash Fiction

LW13: Machine Learning : Algorithms under the Hood

LW14: Ideas: creation and propagation

LW15: Cognitive Flexibility

List C: One day courses on literature : These are 1 day literary appreciation courses with focus on a particular theme. It is a social learning experience which we believe lends itself more for learning from literature. As of now there are 5 courses in this list.

LWL1: Poetry

LWL2: Stories

LWL3: Essays

LWL4: Speeches

LWL5: Biographies