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.Academic and Professional Profile :

Prof. M.M. Pant ( www.mmpant.net ) is a Ph.D. in Computational Physics ( IIT, Roorkee), with a Professional Law degree ( Kanpur University) and pursues pedagogy, technology, curricula and entrepreneurial models for disruptively transforming education to align it to the 4th Industrial Age.

He has been a Pro-Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), faculty at IIT Kanpur, MNNIT Allahabad and Visiting Faculty, University of Western Ontario, Canada, and a Visiting Scientist at research centres in Italy, England, Germany and Sweden.

He has been a member of the Board of Governors of IIT Delhi and on various committees of academic bodies such as CBSE, NIOS,NCERT, UGC, CEC, NUEPA, NCTE. He had been Chairman of AIMA Board of Studies.

Building on more than 5 decades of academic experience, he is now evangelising new learning approaches as Learning 2221 ( learning in the 2nd half of the 2nd decade of the 21st century) and exhorting Teachers to transform to TeacherPreneurs.

He believes that the purpose of using technology in education is to go beyond the initial phase of being a ‘broadcast’ tool to a ‘ data driven learning model’ that helps every learner become a better self-directed autonomous learner, every teacher a transformational inspirational educator and every parent an informed enlightened parent who can mould the cognitive and emotional development of their children.

His current mission is to evangelise lifelong learning using Whatsapp on mobile, through which he runs weeklong, Weekend and one day programs on a variety of topics. His goal is promoting public understanding of emerging technologies and change.

Apart from being a sought after speaker in the national circuit, he has been invited to deliver keynotes at International events at Melbourne, Paris, Durban, Gaborene, Singapore, Tokyo, Penang amongst others.

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e-mail : mmpant@gmail.com

Whatsapp : +919810073724

Twitter : @mmpant

youtube : youtube.com/mmpant

More past Information : www.mmpant.net
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About Education 4.0:

About Education 4.0:

Education 4.0: is the phrase used to describe education in the fourth Industrial Age driven by AI, Machine Learning and other current transformational technologies such as the Internet of Things, 3D printing and Blockchain.

I have been an academic for more than 50 years having seen the education systems and processes transform through several stages of ‘ chalk and talk’ to the use of OHP with acetate sheets, followed by PowerPoint to use of SmartBoards, and global education with LMS such as webCT, Blackboard, Wiziq and others. Then satellite based education facilitated in India by EDUSAT, and then Internet based conferencing with Skype, Google Hangouts, WebEx and Zoom. With my long innings in EdTech enabled education, I am fortunate in having directly first hand experienced the power and limitations of these. So far, all technologies in education have facilitated the broadcast model with recent successful MOOCs having touched millions of students.

In the year 2008, my elder son Gaurav introduced me to a book by Clayton Christensen with the title “ Disrupting Class” drew my attention to the fact that the desirable disruptive manifestation of technology in education is the personalisation of learning. This was also the optimistic expectation of Benjamin Bloom, which he articulated as ‘the 2 σ’ problem. Ten years later we have been able to move towards greater personal choice in the landscape of learning, and can have reasonable expectation that the new learning driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will lead to greater personalisation of learning.

In January 2016, Klaus Schwab drew attention to the arrival of the 4th Industrial Age, and during the last 2 years we have been studying its implications for the future of education. In 2017, the MIT Press published a book with title “ Robot-Proof: Higher education in the age of Artificial Intelligence”. In the same year in July 2017 my younger son Herschel wrote and directed a play “ Beyond Singularity” which in a humorous and light hearted way, drew attention to situations when humanoids could have emotions.

During the last 2 years I have been exploring teaching through Whatsapp on mobile phones and have demonstrated its features to thousands of learners across several countries in a range of courses varying from Learning to lead a Quality Life with Diabetes to Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence. The overall mission is to promote public understanding of emerging technologies: their applications and implications.

There is a very fundamental difference between the 3rd Industrial Age in the 1970s in which the key beneficiaries were the IITians and others who were created in their image.

This time around, the story will unfold differently.

In the pre-Industrial age, India was very prosperous and probably  the richest country in the world. We lost out in the 3 Industrial revolution. But in the coming Age of AI, every producer in the country will be able to multiply the productivity by an order of magnitude and the country’s GDP could rise by more than 20% leading India to the top place in global economic order.

So, the elements of education 4.0 that we are implementing are : all the time and everywhere access to the content, cohort and resource person for the course; content structured as ‘knowledge nuggets’ in the form of Whatsapp posts; an a-synchronous model of learner engagement; the spirit of flipped learning; three strands of learning comprising ‘ learning and thinking’ with 22 courses, ‘ Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence’ with 21 week-long courses and ‘the entrepreneurship program’ with 23 courses. This is a pool of 1000 Whatsapp posts in all. More courses will be continually added as per the demand or needs.

The courses are listed in 3 pages with the respective titles. The Schedule of courses from July to September 2018 is also given as 3 different pages.

But any listed course can be offered ‘ on demand’ if there is a request from a significant number of learners.

How does this work ?

How does this work ?

Learning with mobiles is something new for many. Data from several sources suggests that there are more than 120 crores mobile phones in the country. It would seem logical to use this as the preferred device to access learning resources and experiences, but in its wisdom the regulators ban the use of mobile phones for learning.
For the last few years, we have run a number of courses with Whatsapp on mobiles, in different formats on a variety of topics and sometimes supplemented with an in person meeting at a scheduled time and venue. Most courses were for free, but a few have been paid also. Fee could be paid either through PayTM or through electronic funds transfer to a designated bank account.
This is a lifelong learning initiative for adults aged 18+ upwards. We don’t ask for a proof of age before registration, but that is an advisory. For those who are less than 18 years, we are happy to include one parent in the same learning cohort, so they know exactly what is going on in the Whatsapp group conversations. Both child and parent are included within the same fee.
From August 2018, we have standardised a methodology and a SOP ( standard operating procedure) for this model of learning. There are 4 tracks in which this course pool is being delivered:
1: Lifelong Learning ( LLL): In this category there are 3 types of courses, differing in their duration. There are 12 courses numbered as LLL01 to LLL12 which are of one day duration. Another 8 are of weeklong duration ( LLL13 to LLL20). In addition there are another 8 ( labelled LLL21 to LLL28) that run on weekends. We are adding to this pool regularly. We are also keen to know from you, topics on which you would like us to create courses.
2: Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence ( MSAI) is a suite of 21 courses that are each of 1 week duration and serve as learning ramps for all who are interested in coming to terms with this new technology with an impact so immense that Andrew Ng proclaimed that AI is the new electricity. Our mission therefore is to make it possible for anyone who is motivated and persevering to be able to make his own strategy for economic empowerment with the use of AI tools.
3: SmartParenting is a collection of 4 programs ( labelled SP01 to SP04) each running on a specific day of the week. They deal with four stages of a child’s journey to adulthood. The first is about the first 5 years of a child before the child goes to School. The second is on the first 5 years in School. The third stage is when the child passes grade/class 8. The final fourth one is when the child is ready to leave the School. These are a unique set of courses that encourage parents to engage with their children in their development perhaps leading to their own re-development.
4: The Entrepreneurship Program ( TEP) is a collection of 23 weekend courses designed to create a massive movement of entrepreneurship through the right education. It is often stated that a large number of start ups fail within the first few years. Just as better healthcare and education reduced infant mortality over the last decades, we hope that with the right education and development of the spirit of entrepreneurship, we would be adequately preparing not only the young but people at all stages of their lives to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit.
As we roll out the whole mission in a phased manner, we have created a schedule for the coming months of July, August and September 2018. From October 2018, all the courses listed here would be available to pursue.
There is a separate page on this website devoted to each of these tracks. Also one page each for the schedules for the months of July, August and September 2018.

To express your interested in joining any of these courses, please send a Whatsapp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724 stating the course name and code and your preferred start date. And of course your name please.

Your name will be provisionally registered as a prospect for the course.

You would then have time till the beginning of the course to remit your fee. 

Full or partial fee waivers are possible in deserving cases. To request a partial or full fee-waiver, please send a request to mmpant@gmail.com