The program builds upon the curriculum suggested by the CBSE ( which is of 12 hours duration and structured as 18 periods). We have enhanced the CBSE curriculum with 6 additional lessons, 2 by way of introduction, 2 on Deep Learning, which is the most commonly used approach to AI currently and 2 lessons on Computational Thinking, that has been most recently proposed in the draft version of the New Education Policy 2019.

Each lesson is equivalent to the traditional 40 minute period in an instructor led classroom, but is delivered as one or more Whatsapp posts that can be easily accessed with a mobile phone. 

The program is delivered over a month, in 4 weeks with one lesson each from Monday to Saturday. As several batches may be running concurrently, the scheduled time for the post will be shared within the learning groups.

For August 2019 it begins on Monday 5th August, and the scheduled calendar is :

• Lesson 1: From simple machines to machines that learn. ( Monday 5th August)

• Lesson 2: How do machines learn? Heroes of Artificial Intelligence ( Tuesday 6th August)

• Lesson 3: AI applications in Daily Life ( Wednesday 7th August)

• Lesson 4: Ice Breaker: ( Thursday 8th August)

• Lesson 5: AI Games ( Friday 9th August)

• Lesson 6: AI- readiness: activities ( Saturday 10th August)

• Lesson 7: Smart Cities, Smart Schools and Smart Homes ( Monday 12th August)

• Lesson 8: Interactive Story ( Tuesday 13th August)

• Lesson 9: Human-Machine interaction ( Wednesday 14th August)

• Lesson 10: What is Computational Thinking? ( Thursday 15th August)

• Lesson 11: Features of Computational Thinking ( Friday 16th August)

• Lesson 12: What are SDGs? ( Saturday 17th August)

• Lesson 13: Education: Goal 4 of SDG ( Monday 19th August)

• Lesson 14: AI and SDGs ( Tuesday 20th August)

• Lesson 15: Inspiring AI start-ups ( Wednesday 21st August)

• Lesson 16:  Visualising the future ( Thursday 22nd August)

• Lesson 17: Ad for job position 10 years hence ( Friday 23rd August)

• Lesson 18: Applications of Deep Learning  ( Saturday 24th August)

• Lesson 19: How does Deep Learning Work? ( Monday 26th August)

• Lesson 20: What is ethics? And it’s significance for AI ( Tuesday 27th August)

• Lesson 21: Sources of bias in AI solutions ( Wednesday 28th August)

• Lesson 22: Gender bias in AI ( Thursday 29th August)

• Lesson 23: Other ethical issues regarding AI ( Friday 30th August)

• Lesson 24: Debating AI ( Saturday 31st August)

The fee for this course is Rs 3000/-


For all Programs prospective learners can make an advance request for enrolment, and their request will be noted. The course specific group will of course be activated a couple of days before the start of the course. There would be time upto the start of the course to pay the fees.

Course Fee structure : 

Course fee are different for different courses depending upon the topic and target group.For this one month course it is Rs 3000/- per student. Please make enquiries by sending a WhatsApp or simple text message to Prof MM Pant at :+919810073724

Fees can be easily paid by PayTM to mobile number :+919810073724

For those who would rather pay by Bank Transfer, the following is the required information :

LMP Education Trust

Kotak Mahindra Bank, Sector 31, Gurgoan 

A/c 9812371643

IFSC- KKBK0004258

Type of account- Saving