AI/ML4Parents of School going children:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Parents of School going children: 

This course is on offer during a weekend, every weekend. Fee Rs 1000/-


Most parents today have an educational perspective based on their own experiences with 20th century pedagogy and career opportunities.

One of the Big challenges for parents of School going children today is an anxiety arising out of the trends of increasing automation, the closing down of Engineering Colleges, and a lack of clarity on the desirable future career directions. Klaus Schwab had pointed out in January 2016, that we are now entering the 4th Industrial Age, driven by Artificial Intelligence which is fundamentally different from the previous Industrial revolutions driven by the power of steam and then electricity. Andrew Ng famously said that “ AI is the new electricity” and the right education is the best way  to prevent ourselves from getting electrocuted or even from getting a severe shock. 

Anthony Seldon in his recent book “ The 4th education revolution” compliments Schools and universities  for doing a good job overall at preparing students…. but then adds … for the twentieth century. 

What does it mean to be educated now? What is worth learning? 

The answers to these questions have changed during the last decade. The relative ranking of the top 10 skills valued in 2020 compared to those in 2015 has changed and new skills like ‘cognitive flexibility’ have been added. While AI has been acknowledged to be a game changer there are also associated technologies like sensors, 3D Printing, IoT, Blockchains, Augmented and Virtual Reality that are already around us. 

Parents of School going children are perhaps the last to be informed of the new technologies, pedagogies and the expected knowledge and skills for the future. 

India is among the few counties that have enacted a Constitutional  duty ( Article 51A (h,k) ) to promote the spirit of enquiry and the Scientific temper, and a parental responsibility for the education of their children (or wards) during  the years 6 to 14. 

This course is about sharing the MegaTrends in technologies and the new skills for success. After pursuing this course, parents would be in a more informed position to take decisions about the educational goals to be pursued by their children.

A weekend course delivered through Whatsapp:

Day 1: Saturday : Impact of AI on jobs

1.1: What is AI? And what is special about it ?

1.2: What can AI do today? Tipping points for future AI applications 

1.3: Future career opportunities in the age of AI

1.4: The Gig economy

1.5: AI and ethics

Day 2: Sunday : A robot-proof education

2.1: WEF report on future success skills

2.2: Becoming a self-directed lifelong learner

2.3: What is worth learning?

2.4: Learning with WhatsApp and other mobile Apps

2.5: Learning more about AI, ML and other Disruptive Technologies ?

The exact titles of the posts and their sequence may be tweaked during the delivery of the course.