AI4University Students

We have also developed a six month program with 6 clusters and 24 modules for learners at the University stage :

Cluster 1: What is the excitement of AI?

Module 1.1: AI is already here

Module 1.2: The evolution of AI

Module 1.3: What can AI do today?

Module 1.4: AI and the displacement of work

Cluster 2:  Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence

Module 2.1: The Landscape of AI

Module 2.2: Learning Algorithms

Module 2.3: Pursuit of the Master Algorithm

Module 2.4: From narrow Intelligence to Artificial General Intelligence

Cluster 3: The Fundamentals

Module 3.1: Mathematical Modelling

Module 3.2: Computational Thinking

Module 3.3: Basics of Neuroscience

Module 3.4: AI and Ethics

Cluster 4: Deep Learning:

Module 5.1: Neural Networks

Module 5.2: Types of Neural Networks

Module 5.3: Training of Neural Networks

Module 5.4: A survey of current applications of Deep Learning and future trends

Cluster 5: AI and academic disciplines

Module 5.1: AI and the Physical Sciences

Module 5.2: AI and the Life Sciences

Module 5.3: AI and the liberal disciplines

Module 5.4: AI and literature : movies, plays and stories

Cluster 6: AI and the Professions

Module 6.1: AI and healthcare / medicine

Module 6.2: AI and business management

Module 6.3: AI and the engineering disciplines

Module 6.4: AI and the legal profession

This program would equip University to relate to the world outside their campuses.