AIML4Schools: The What,Why,When & Where? 

This is a weeklong Whatsapp course for creating  awareness of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning amongst  learners at class 11 in Schools 

This course may be followed up with other lifelong learning course modules  of interest to the learner. These are listed at other pages of this website (

The first batch of this course will be run from Monday August 13th to Friday August  17th 2018. Further batches will follow every month. 

Course Flow:

Day 1: Monday : The evolution of AI

Topic 1.1@7am: The early years

Topic 1.2@10am: The winter of AI

Topic 1.3@1pm: The resurrection of AI

Topic 1.4@4pm: Drivers of the resurgence of AI

Topic 1.5@7pm: Why School students should learn about  Artificial Intelligence ,Machine Learning and Computational Thinking ?

Day 2: Tuesday : Computational Thinking

Topic 2.1@7am: Computational Thinking: Meaning and definitions

Topic 2.2@10am: Computational Thinking : in the context of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Topic 2.3@1pm: Algorithms 

Topic 2.4@4pm: Learning Algorithms

Topic 2.5@7pm: Heuristics 

Day 3:Wednesday :  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Topic 3.1@7am: The Landscape of Artificial Intelligence 

Topic 3.2@10am: Machine Learning 

Topic 3.3@1pm: Deep Learning 

Topic 3.4@4pm: Artificial Neural Networks

Topic 3.5@7pm: The Mathematical Foundations

Day 4: Thursday:  The Technologies:

Topic 4.1@7am: IBM Watson

Topic 4.2@10am: Google Tensorflow 

Topic 4.3@1pm: Microsoft 

Topic 4.4@4pm: Apple 

Topic 4.5@7pm: Amazon 

Day 5: Friday: Implications: 

Topic 5.1@7am: The disappearing jobs 

Topic 5.2@10am: The new job opportunities 

Topic 5.3@1pm: The Gig economy 

Topic 5.4@4pm: Don’t be scared; be prepared 

Topic 5.5@7pm: Don’t be overpowered; be empowered


To express your interested in joining this course, please send a Whatsapp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724 stating the course name “AIML4Schools: The What,Why,When & Where? “

And of course your name please.

Your name will be provisionally registered as a prospect for the course.

You would then have time till Friday 10th August to remit your fee.

Full or partial fee waivers are possible in deserving cases. To request a partial or full fee-waiver, please send a request to

Fee for the weeklong course  : Rs 2500+ GST Rs 450= Rs 2950

Fees can be easily paid through PayTM : pay to +919810073724

Information on alternate ways of remitting fee can be provided on request either as a Whatsapp message to +919810073724 or as an e-mail to


Please share this with prospective learners, their teachers and parents in your network/groups.