AMAL: Ask me anything about learning:

AMAL: Ask me anything about learning:

This web page is to support those people who have either heard my talk anytime in person or remotely, or taken part in any workshops or seminars conducted by me or heard me take part in a panel discussion. Or read any of my tweets, or posts on Facebook or LinkedIn. Learning and education are very wide in scope, and translating all the available information into a practical philosophy or more importantly making a personal trajectory can be very challenging.
You can make a request by just sending an e-mail to with AMAL in the subject line. First state your question and how you would want your reply: as e-mail, or a post on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Then add any supplementary information that you think would help making my response more useful to you.  

Therese days, the Metaverse and especially Education in the Metaverse is a much discussed topic. So even before your asking, here is a set of resources on the topic:

This is a link for those who are sceptic of educational possibilities in the Metaverse :

And here is another great resource for education super leaders: The theme is : The challenge of Learning, the future of education.

The future will soon become the present, whether we are prepared for it or not!

Let’s begin with watching these three videos:

 1: CGP Grey:  Humans need not apply 15 minutes, 7 years ago :

2:  Yuval Noah Harari : the useless class: 4 minutes, 5 years ago :

3: The first few minutes of this 15 minute video of Guy Claxton :

SCHOOLS, COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES as currently constituted will be redundant in 2035. Instead, we will have institutions of learning that are virtual/meta/open in character. Although the actual education needs of different segments of our population would vary enormously based upon life circumstances and livelihood opportunities, certain core targets in the area of education would be critical to achieve. The most important target would be 100% literacy, including operating knowledge of devices, instruments and machines. There would be no school dropouts. All children would have access to quality and affordable education, independent of social, economic, geographic, physical and even mental constraints. Due attention would be paid to their cognitive development even before informal education begins at age 3. All people would have affordable re-skilling opportunities to meet the changing requirements of the job market. In a longer-living and ageing society, everybody would have access to second careers and lifelong learning.

{extracted from page 61 of the 2015 report, long before the COVID pandemic by Technology Information,Forecasting and assessment council (TIFAC)with title “ Technology Vision 2035” available at } 

This page also has a blurb that states “ An essential vision

for 2035 will be the delivery of language neutral content to

all individuals, at the press of a button, 24×7. All learners would be able to study in the language of their choice, thanks to cheap real-time translations services.”

The award winning railway of the Republic Day 2022 parade had the theme “ From the Vedas to the Metaverse”. 

There is a clear message to existing Schools, Colleges and Universities to adopt a non-traumatic path to the future “ Education in the Metaverse” as swiftly as possible and all educators must be ready and prepared to play their role in this 5th education revolution.