Ask Prof MM Pant?

Ask Prof MM Pant?

In this world of information overload and Trust deficit, it is difficult to find someone to whom ne can turn to for answers. In order to circumscribe the kinds of questions that I would be happy to respond to are from learners ( at any stage of their lifelong learning journey), their parents and educators at School, College or University.
Who may ask:

  • a student,
  • a parent,
  • a teacher

What can you ask?

  • Better learning
    *Future readiness
  • Prospering and flourishing through Knowledge

You may ask a question in free format, so that it clearly conveys your thoughts, by sending a WhatsApp message to : +919810073724.

The query will normally be responded to by a direct message to the enquirer. But where the query has a general reliance, I may share that as a Tweet or in a blog.