WLQ: Why learn Quantum?

The Covid 19 pandemic had established remote learning as a means of learning. While some may quibble about its effectiveness in imparting traditional ( read obsolete and irrelevant) knowledge, there is no doubt that it is the only method to be future ready and abreast of emerging technologies and skills. And the number one technology today is Quantum Technology, and while it is relatively easy to learn about it on your own, the formal system has nothing to bring widespread awareness about its importance and significance. I have created what I call a “ Learning Ramp” for Quantum Technologies.

Quantum physics is a gateway to a lifelong love of science!

This talk is not so much about Teaching Quantum Mechanics but more  about why one should learn it. Once you are eager to learn more, there is a set of 5 modules : QR1 Quantum Magic ; QR2 Quantum Concepts; QR3 Quantum Computing; QR4 Quantum Biology; QR5 Quantum Technologies. For further details on these https://mmpant.com/qr/

An important purpose of this course is to develop pride in our own Scientists and their fundamental contributions at the Quantum  level which have been unjustly ignored. Raman effect for which Sir CV Raman was conferred the Nobel Prize in 1930 was essentially a ‘Quantum’ effect. Satyendra Bose after whom a class of particles have been named Bosons has also made signal contributions. And in the world of Quantum Computing, a famous algorithm was developed by Luv Grover. 

Unlike State driven education, this WhatsApp experience  is not free and compulsory. And not part of the recommendations of the New Education Policy 2020. It is completely optional and useful for those who want to be future ready, for the world of 2020 and beyond. To flourish and thrive in the age of Quantum Computing and Quantum Biology. 

As of now, the course is available only in the English language, but soon you may be able to use AI driven automatic translation systems to pursue this, no matter what your first language. 

Proposed flow of WhatsApp posts :


1: The Backdrop

2: The development of Quantum Mechanics

3: India’s contribution to Quantum Physics/ Quantum Computing

4: Quantum Mechanics on a classical computer

5: Feynman’s exhortation to build a Quantum Computer

6: Quantum Supremacy

7: The promise of Quantum Computing

8: The present landscape of Quantum Computing

9: The challenges

10: Not just Quantum Computing, but Quantum Technologies

11: Key concepts of Quantum Mechanics

12: Becoming Quantum Ready 

Novel features of this mode of learning:

  • This talk is of about one hour duration, is delivered through WhatsApp and can be easily accessed through a mobile phone. About 10 minutes before the scheduled time, a message will be posted, as a reminder, to the effect that the session is about to begin
  • The course can be accessed either as an individual ( teaching to a class of one) at a time slot convenient to you, or within a group on Friday evening from 8pm to 9pm, depending upon what you are more comfortable with. 
  • If any course participant has a query, question or observation, and if it concerns the whole group, (s)he may raise it, instantly, within the Group. However, if it is meant as a message to the Course Administrator only, please prefer sending a direct message, rather than posting it in the group.
  • If we can make a quick, short and effective response, without losing the thread of the conversation, we will respond instantly, but in case, we cannot do so, we will pool such responses and make a special additional post

The fee for this WhatsApp live talk is Rs 500/- and can be easily remitted by PayTM to +919810073724

For those who would rather pay into a Bank account, the relevant information is : 

Madan Mohan Pant

HDFC Bank, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39, Gurgaon 

A/c 26451000000301


(The account number is 26451 followed by six zeroes followed by 301)

For any further queries contact Professor MM Pant through Whatsapp at+919810073724