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Prof. M.M.Pant has a Ph.D in Computational Physics, along with a Professional Law Degree, and has been a practitioner in the fields of Law, IT enabled education and IT implementation. Drawing upon his experience in world class international institutions and having taught in various modes of Face-to-Face, Distance Learning and Technology Enhanced Training, Prof. Pant is now exploring the nature of institutions which will be successors to the IITs, which represented the 1960s, IIMs, which represented the 1970 and Open Universities which were the rage of 1980s & 90s. He believes that the convergence between various media and technologies would fundamentally alter the way learning would be created, packaged, and delivered to learners. His current activities are all directed toward actual implementation of these new age educational initiatives that transform education in the post Internet post WTO era.. Prof. Pant, has been a Former Pro-Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and has been on the faculty of IIT – Kanpur (the premier Engineering institution in India), MLNR Engineering College and Faculty & Visiting Professor - University of Western Ontario-Canada. He has been visiting scientist to research centers in Italy, England, Germany & Sweden and has delivered international lectures with about 80 papers published. During his association of almost 15 years with the IGNOU, Prof. Pant has served as the Director Computing and has been the Member of All Bodies (i.e. School boards, Academic council, Planning board, Finance committee and the Board of management). With his interest in Law, backed with practice of Law in a High Court, and his basic training in Science and IT, Prof. Pant has been particularly interested in the Cyber Law, Patent & trade mark issues, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues etc. and has been involved with many activities, conferences on “Law & IT” Prof. Pant is presently; • Advisor to Media Lab Asia - Chairman of working group on ICT for Education, chairman of PRSG handling projects on ICT for education. • Lead Consultant for an ADB funded project for ICT in Basic Education in Uzbekistan • Member of the drafting Group for India’s National Policy on ICT in education • Chairman of the group creating books for class 11 and 12 students on ‘Computers and Communication Technology’ appointed by the NCERT • Preparing a ‘Theme Paper” for the NCTE in the area of ICT and Teacher Training • Advisor and mentor to several leading Indian and Multi-national Companies in the area of education. Prof. Pant has in the recent past been ; • Member – Board of Management – I I T, Delhi for 6 years (two consecutive terms) • One-man committee to create the Project Report & Legislation for Delhi IT-enabled Open University • Advisor to the Delhi Government on Asian Network of Major Cities Project (ANMC-21) distance learning project in association with Tokyo Metropolitan Government. • Chairman Board of Studies, All India Management Association With his mission to create and implement new business opportunities in the area of e-learning & learning facilitation, Prof. Pant has promoted Planet EDU Pvt. Ltd., as its Founder & Chairman, along with a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals from Education & Training, Operations, IT and Finance.

GPSC 2021

Some thoughts shared at the GPSC 2021:  I am speaking this morning at an event, the Gurgaon Public Schools Virtual Annual Conference with the theme “Changing Landscapes – The Futuristic pathways for Education”. I have written this text ( about … Continue reading

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The Science of Learning:

“ The Science of Learning” Structure: 1: The Backdrop 2: Development of the Sciences 3: Educational practice ignores research 4: Bloom’s 2 sigma problem 5: What machine learning informs us about human learning? 6: The current state of assessment 7:  AInEd … Continue reading

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Developing a learning culture:

Developing a learning culture : A culture of learning, or learning culture, is one in which members of the group continuously seek, share, and apply new knowledge and skills to improve their individual and collective performance. The importance of the … Continue reading

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Learning 321:

Learning 321: a community where the members learn something new everyday: Learning 321 is a learning community seeded by Prof.MM Pant to explore social and collaborative learning for the 3rd decade of the 21st Century. It is a unique group … Continue reading

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Paradigm shifts in education:

“ Paradigm shifts in education” The phrase ‘paradigm shift’ gained traction from the well known book (1962)  by Thomas Kuhn “ The structure of Scientific Revolutions” which challenged the earlier view that Science progressed almost linearly as “development-by-accumulation” of accepted facts … Continue reading

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Swarm Intelligence:

Swarm Intelligence: Swarm intelligence  deals with natural and artificial systems composed of many individuals that coordinate using self-organisation. Examples of such systems  are colonies of ants and termites, schools of fish, flocks of birds, herds of land animals. Swarm intelligence is a … Continue reading

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Future readiness:

Skills and competencies for future-readiness:  One of the harsh truths about the 3rd decade of the 21st Century which is upon us, is the pace of change that results in “the skills acquired over a lifetime becoming obsolete in an … Continue reading

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Learning Communities:

Learning Communities: It is interesting to note that historically, education in India was managed by the community and it was a job rather well done. We were the most prosperous country till about 250 years ago, and it is worth … Continue reading

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Knowledge Representation

Knowledge Representation  The frontiers of knowledge are always on the move across many dimensions and perhaps at varying speeds along each of these dimensions. Inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary knowledge is becoming more valuable. The question of how to organise and represent … Continue reading

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On being the right size:

On being the right size?  There has been a lot of discussion on the NEP 2020 recommendations for higher education, and one of the new ideas is to have large Universities. This is stated at “10.1. The main thrust of … Continue reading

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