Becoming an UberSmart Autonomous Self-directed Lifelong Learner

MMP 01: Become a lifelong learner:

A 5 day Whatsapp delivered program
Delivered during the first week of every month from Monday to Friday, subject to sufficient enrolment.

Course outline :

Day 1: The importance of becoming a lifelong learner
1.1: Why lifelong learning is so important now?
1.2: UNESCO on lifelong learning
1.3: Lifelong learning for career success
1.4: Lifelong learning in an era of increasing longevity
1.5: Well known and successful lifelong learners

Day 2: Awaken the learner within
2.1: The habit of reading
2.2: Knowing what to learn?
2.3: Expanding the definition of learning
2.4: The characteristics of a lifelong learner
2.5: Grit, perseverance and a growth mindset

Day 3: Steps to becoming a lifelong learner
3.1: Become a more curious person. Ask questions.
3.2: The do’s of lifelong learning
3.3: The don’ts for lifelong learning
3.4: The journey to lifelong learning
3.5: The future of work

Day 4: Improving your lifelong learning abilities 
4.1: What is worth Learning?
4.2: Learning at different stages of life
4.3: Applying what you learn
4.4: The Feynman technique for learning
4.5: Making learning stick

Day 5: How to learn anything?
5.1: Learning how to learn
5.2: Strategy and Plan for learning anything new
5.3: Learning resources on the Internet
5.4: Using YouTube for learning
5.5: Learning from Apps and MOOCs


This course has been delivered earlier to a few hundred learners.

But the content for each subsequent batch is being continuously improved upon.

The course is being offered in English initially but is planned to be offered in Hindi soon.

And thereafter in Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil and Telugu. Work is in progress for these different language versions, but the specific dates of their availability cannot be confirmed yet.