Becoming a better learner with AI and chatGPT

Becoming a better learner with AI and ChatGPT: 

The famous educationist Benjamin Bloom published a research paper in 1984 titled the 2 sigma problem …..(’s_2_sigma_problem?wprov=sfti1

and drew attention to the need to “find methods of group instruction as effective as one-to-one tutoring”. Now almost 40 years later, the problem has been solved. And the solution is both with a teacher who uses AI and chatGPT to adopts the approach of ‘ Mastery Learning’ and ‘ personalisation’ or even the self-directed learner who adopts the same principles.

This WhatsApp delivered set of 4 weekend modules is designed to provide guidance for every learner to become a better learner by moving through the stages of awareness, familiarity, proficient to fluency.

This will be offered for the first time in June 2023 and then every month thereafter. 

Course outlines: 

Module 1: Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th:

Becoming a better learner with AI and ChatGPT: Awareness

Day 1: About ChatGPT 

1.1: The rapid rise and influence of ChatGPT 

1.2: From Eliza to chatGPT

1.3: ChatGPT as a personal tutor

1.4: ChatGPT walkthrough.

1.5: The red flags

Day 2: Learning Techniques

2.1: Barbara Oakley on Learning how to learn? 

2.2: Martey Lobell on Studying Smart

2.3: Feynman Technique

2.4: Mindmaps

2.5: Ultralearning


Module 2: Saturday June 10th and Sunday June 11th:

Becoming a better learner with AI and ChatGPT: Familiar

Day 1: Capabilities of ChatGPT 

1.1: Explaining content at a different level

1.2: Writing an essay, blog, article or a book

1.3: Syllabus and course

1.4: Translating from one language to another

1.5: Your personal assistant with limitless memory

Day 2: Learning Dispositions

2.1: Habits of successful learners 

2.2: Habits of unsuccessful learners

2.3: Procrastination and better time Management 

2.4: Grit and perseverance 

2.5: Mindsets: open versus closed


Module 3: Saturday June 17th and Sunday June 18th:

Becoming a better learner with AI and ChatGPT: Proficient

Day 1: Prompt Engineering

1.1: What are prompts ? 

1.2: Attributes of a good prompt

1.3: Using follow up prompts to further define responses

1.4: Prompting for ‘active learning’

1.5: Prompt Engineering as an academic skill 

Day 2: The AI Learning Toolkit

2.1: VoicePen AI

2.2: Dall-E 2

2.3: Century

2.4. A list of AI tools for education

2.5: AI assistants 


Module 4: Saturday June 24th and Sunday June 25th:

Becoming a better learner with AI and ChatGPT: Fluent

Day 1: Becoming Productive with chatGPT

1.1: ChatGPT can do much more than Google. 

1.2: Create study plans and agendas.

1.3: Generate conversations and replies

1.4: Rewrite texts at different levels of explanatory depth.

1.5: Research

Day 2: Personalising your AI powered Learning Toolkit

2.1: Language Learning 

2.2: Learning Mathematics

2.3: Enhancing Motivation

2.4: Supporting Mental Health

2.5: Practical advice : financial and health 

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