Brunch & Learn with Prof.MM Pant

Plan for the WOODS events in 2020:

Brunch and Learn with Prof.MM Pant

Plan for the WOODS events in 2020:

One of the most traditional careers or professions, the barrister had a tradition that required attending 12 dinners at the Inns before being “called to the Bar” , a phrase that meant entering the legal profession. See more at :

In creating this new profession/ calling of an AI-fluent SmartEducator, I am aligning this idea to present times, and instead of dinners, we are hosting “ Brunch and Learn” with Prof. MM Pant, to be ready for the new roles, responsibilities and code of conduct.

Sunday 19th January : Madhulika Kaushik on AI and Marketing

Sunday 16th February  : Kartik Sharma : Computer Vision in action!

Special session : Tuesday 3rd March 2020: Ananth Shankar : Deep Learning and NLP

Sunday 22nd March : Rajiv Tyagi : AI: practical uses of advanced Maths

Sunday 19th April : Ramesh C Sharma : Digital credentials : from Open Badges to Blockchain

Sunday   17th May: Lav Ravi : Drones and UAVs

Sunday 21st June : Bhupesh Khatri : Consciousness and Computability

Sunday 19th July: PV Suresh : Deep Learning : applications in education 

Sunday  23rd August : CK Arora :  Forty+ Freedom and Abundance Business (40+FAB)

Sunday  20th September : Jitendra M Pant: Coaching and Mentoring in the age of Intelligent Machines

Sunday 18th October : Gurdip Kaur : Python, the language of today and tomorrow 

Sunday 22nd November : Aarul Malaviya : AR/VR in education

Sunday 20th December : Shashidhar Bhat : The  AI-fluent SmartEducator in the Gig Economy

*Registration*: Participation in the event is free, we request you to register using the following link Register at ** for logistics purposes.

*Venue*: The Woods, Netaji Subhash Marg, Near Vista Vilas, Block H, Greenwood City, Sector 46, Gurugram. Google map pin = The Woods =

 The future sessions will follow a similar pattern and will be at the same venue, on the following dates : Sunday February 16th,Sunday March 22nd,Sunday April 19th,Sunday May 17th,Sunday June 21st,Sunday July 19th,Sunday August 23rd,Sunday September 20th,Sunday October 18th,Sunday November 22nd and Sunday December 20th.

We are developing a schedule for the year 2020, and if you are happy to do a main session on any of the dates given here, please send a WhatsApp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724

Much of the knowledge resources will be shared in advance ( in a flipped learning model) through a WhatsApp group. These sessions are for ‘in person’ interaction and networking over “ Brunch” and not like a traditional ‘ sage on the stage’ didactic lecture.