Brunch and Learn with Prof.MM Pant

Plan for the WOODS events in 2020:

One of the most traditional careers or professions, the barrister had a tradition that required attending 12 dinners at the Inns before being “called to the Bar” , a phrase that meant entering the legal profession. See more at :

In creating this new profession/ calling of an AI-fluent SmartEducator, I am aligning this idea to present times, and instead of dinners, we are hosting “ Brunch and Learn” with Prof. MM Pant, to be ready for the new roles, responsibilities and code of conduct.

The triple helix of AI-readiness:

  • Concepts ( theory)
  • The tools
  • The applications ( educational)

There are 12 sessions from 11am to 2pm scheduled on the following dates :

Sunday January 19th

Sunday February 16th

Sunday March 22nd

Sunday April 19th

Sunday May 17th

Sunday June 21st

Sunday July 19th

Sunday August 23rd

Sunday September 20th

Sunday October 18th

Sunday November 22nd

Sunday December 20th

The following is the list of themes that we propose to explore during these sessions:

  • Artificial intelligence and Marketing 
  • The Landscape of Artificial Intelligence in education 
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • The Mathematics of Machine Learning
  • Recommender systems
  • Artificial Neural Networks: Deep Learning
  • Chatbots 
  • Artificial intelligence and ethics/ explainable AI
  • AI for educational assessments 
  • Driverless cars and autonomous learning 
  • Machine Teaching- the sexiest job of the future. 

We have one unassigned slot to allow for interesting new ideas to be included. We may merge several sessions or expand a particular session as per need. 

Much of the knowledge resources will be shared in advance ( in a flipped learning model) through a WhatsApp group. These sessions are for ‘in person’ interaction and networking over “ Brunch” and not like a traditional ‘ sage on the stage’ didactic lecture.