AI for lifelong learners:

To be  ready and prepared for the new opportunities ahead, there is  need for an early orientation and awareness, at all stages of life beginning from School and continuing to the post-retirement years. 

Whether one pursues BA, B.Sc, B.Com, Medicine, Law or Business Management an awareness and basic understanding of the field will be a competitive advantage. To be successful in the future, one has to evolve to a lifelong self-directed learner. 

We have developed a learning ecosystem for getting equipped for the AI age starting at the School level itself. The content is delivered on mobile phones through Whatsapp supplemented with peer to peer learning facilitated at designated co-learning spaces where access to required infrastructure and additional learning resources and interactions would be available.

The first course in this trajectory is a weekend course ( Saturday/ Sunday) on “ Why Learn AI?”. This is a course for everyone to get initiated to the field and have a better appreciation on the specific path that a learner would want to follow. This is the spirit of ‘ consensual learning’ where the learner has some idea of what is to be learnt?

This will get the learner interested in both the tracks of lifelong learning as well as knowledge and practice of Artificial Intelligence.

This can be followed up by a number of modules, from the following list. A learner may choose a personalised track with a suitable mix of becoming a better learner, an entrepreneur and technology awareness courses that best suit the learner. 

Since this is a very dynamic field, more modules may be added to the pool. 

The general design to make the new courses will be to have them as  weeklong (5 day week) courses or weekend courses. 

Technology Strand:

TS01:Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence 

TS02:Knowledge Representation

TS03:Computational Thinking

TS04:Basics of Neuroscience 

TS05:Mathematics for AIML

TS06:Machine Learning and Deep Learning

TS07: Artificial Neural Networks 

TS08: Image Recognition 

TS09: Speech recognition 

TS10: Autonomous Transportation

TS11: Natural Language Processing

TS12: Chatbots 

TS13: Predictive Modelling 

TS14: Recommendor Systems

TS15: AI Applications in Agriculture

TS16: The Genes, DNA and why it matters for Healthcare.

TS17: The Ethics of AI

TS18: AI and Literature 

TS19: The IBM Watson

TS20: Google Tensorflow

TS21: Amazon Sagemaker and DeepLens

TS22: Big Data: The Big Picture

TS23: Blockchain Demystified

TS24: Digital Manufacturing / 3D Printing

TS25: Quantum Computing: its nature and future

Lifelong Learning Strand:

LLL01: Becoming a Lifelong Learner

LLL02: Learning for academic success

LLL03: Educating Parents about Education

LLL04: Creative Thinking

LLL05: Critical Thinking

LLL06: Finding your ( or your child’s) element

LLL07: Finding Meaning and purpose in your life?

LLL08: What is worth learning?

LLL09: Learning how to learn Mathematics ?

LLL10: Learning how to learn English ?

LLL11: Learning how to learn Computing ( AI & ML)  ?

LLL12: Whatsapp for Educators 

Entrepreneurship Strand: 

ES01: Why this is the best time to be an entrepreneur ? 

ES02: Intellectual Property Matters

ES03: Digital Marketing

ES04: Brand building and Management 

ES05: The Gig economy 

ES06:  The Significance of Ethics 

ES07: Developing a business plan 

ES08: Understanding Empathy: Why it Matters and how to get it? 

ES09: Grit: Passion with Perseverance 

ES10: The entrepreneurial journey 

ES11: The landscape of Opportunities

ES12: Understanding Data Protection

ES13: Preparing for a 100 year life


Fee structure : 

Fee for a weeklong program : Rs 2500+ GST Rs 450= Rs 2950

Fee for a weekend program   : Rs 1000+ GST Rs 180= Rs 1180

Fees can be easily paid by PayTM to mobile number :+919810073724

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Branch Unit No.05 A & B, Ground Floor Tower A, Unitech Cyber Park, Sec 39,Gurgaon – 122002 Haryana
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Fees can be easily paid through PayTM : pay to +919810073724.

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