AITechnologies Strand :

AI & allied technologies Strand :

Since this is a very dynamic field, more modules may be added

To be  ready and prepared for the new opportunities ahead, there is  need for an early orientation and awareness, at all stages of life beginning from School and continuing to the post-retirement years. 

Whether one pursues BA, B.Sc, B.Com, Medicine, Law or Business Management an awareness and basic understanding of the field will be a competitive advantage. To be successful in the future, one has to evolve to a lifelong self-directed learner. 

We have developed a learning ecosystem for getting equipped for the AI age starting at the School level itself. The content is delivered on mobile phones through Whatsapp supplemented with peer to peer learning facilitated at designated co-learning spaces where access to required infrastructure and additional learning resources and interactions would be available.

The first course in this trajectory is a one day course  on “ Why Learn AI?”. This is a course for everyone to get initiated to the field and have a better appreciation on the specific path that a learner would want to follow. This is the spirit of ‘ consensual learning’ where the learner has some idea of what is to be learnt?

This will get the learner interested in both the tracks of lifelong learning as well as knowledge and practice of Artificial Intelligence.

This can be followed up by a number of modules, from the following list. A learner may choose a personalised track with a suitable mix of becoming a better learner, an entrepreneur and technology awareness courses that best suit the learner. 

Since this is a very dynamic field, more modules may be added to the pool. 

The general design to make the new courses will be to have them as  weeklong (5 day week) courses, weekend or one day courses. 

Technology Strand:

1 day courses: any day

TS01: Why Learn AI?

TS02: How to learn AI/ML ( on your own)?

Weekend Courses:

TS03: Artificial Intelligence: it’s nature and future ( 1st weekend of every month)

TS04: Knowledge Representation ( 2nd weekend every month)

TS05: The Genes, DNA and why it matters ? (3rd weekend of every month)

TS06: Complexity: the challenge of the 21st Century (4th weekend of every month)

Weeklong Courses:

TS07: Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence (1st week of every month)

TS08:Computational Thinking (2nd week of every month)

TS09:Basics of Neuroscience ( 3rd week of every month)

TS10:Machine Learning ,Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks (4th week of every moth) 

TS11: Quantum Computing (also in the 4th week of the month)