Lifelong Learning :

Technologies of the 4th Industrial Age:

Technologies of the 4th Industrial Age:

When Klaus Schwab heralded the arrival of the 4th Industrial Age in January 2016, the World Economic Forum enumerated a number of technologies driving the future. We have created a pool of courses that create awareness and an understanding of these through Whatsapp courses that run for a weekon everyday from Monday to Friday.

As of now there are 12 courses in this category. For sometime nowthere willbe only 12 courses in this category. We may tweak the list/in future,

T4IA 01: Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence

T4IA 02: Machine Learning and Deep Learning

T4IA 03: Machine Learning under the hood: the key algorithms

T4IA04: Understanding Neural Networks

T4IA 05: Big Data: the Big Picture

T4IA 06: Mathematics for Machine Learning

T4IA07 : Predictive Modelling and Recommendatiin Engines

T4IA08: Natural Language Processing and Chatbots

T4IA 09: Blockchain : Demystified

T4IA 10: Internet of Things

T4IA 11: Digital Manufacturing/ 3D Printing

T4IA12: Quantum Computing : the next Big thing



Lifelong Learning :

Learning Ramps:

In the age of lifelong learning, the concept of accredited and certified finite credit bearing courses have to be supplemented or complemented with specific learning pathways that either prepare you for pursuing other courses either in Physical Institutions or as MOOCs or other forms of online learning, or for application of this knowledge in the real world.

We call such short learning pathways as Learning Ramps.

At present we have two types of Ramps classified by their duration.

A: Weeklong Learning Programs that run for a week (5 days) from Monday to Friday

B: Weekend learning programs that run on Saturday and Sunday of a weekend

A: Weeklong Learning Programs: (12)

LLL01: Becoming a Lifelong Learner

LLL02: Learning for academic success

LLL03: Learning for Understanding

LLL04: Creative Thinking

LLL05: Critical Thinking

LLL06: Computational Thinking

LLL07: Finding your ( or your child’s) element

LLL08: Finding Meaning and purpose in your life?

LLL09: Flash Fiction

LLL10: Learning how to learn Mathematics ?

LLL11: Learning how to learn English ?

LLL12: Learning how to learn Computing ( AI & ML)  ?

B: Weekend Learning Ramps : (8)

LLL13: An investment in education is the best option?

LLL14: What is worth learning?

LLL15: Words that have inspired me

LLL16: Learning from Apps and MOOCs

LLL17: The significance of Ethics

LLL18: Awaken the Learner Within

LLL19: The Japanese concept of Ikigai

LLL20: Preparing for a 100 year life


The Entrepreneurship Strand:

The Entrepreneurship Strand:

A set of 12 Whatsapp delivered courses on weekends, to support the entire journey of entrepreneurs. The entire set can be covered in 3 months over a period of 12 week-ends.

TES01: Why this is the best time to be an entrepreneur ? 

TES02: Intellectual Property Matters

TES03: Digital Marketing

TES04: Brand building and Management 

TES05: The Gig economy 

TES06: Time and Prject Management 

TES07: Developing a business plan 

TES08: Empathy

TES09: Grit

TES10: The entrepreneurial journey 

TES11: Observing the Landscape of Opportunities

TES12: Understanding Data Protection




The challenges to parenting today are very different from those of earlier generations. Enlightened and informed parents have to play an active role in the overall development of their children. While sending the children to the best Schools that are available is an obvious step, it is not everything. It is for the parents to observe the child’s progress till adulthood and create the immediate environment in which the child can thrive. We have created  a set of 4 programs to offer information, guidance and advice to equip parents to carry out their responsibilities for the cognitive development of their children.

These are designed as weekend programs that run on Saturdays and the following Sunday. As of now we have such  programs. They are listed below.

The schedule is that the first program SP01 is offered on the first weekend of the month, the 2nd SP02 on the 2nd weekend, the 3rd SP03 on the third weekend and SP04 on the 4th weekend of the month. This is a standing schedule and the groups will be activated as per the registrations of participants.

Even if one person is enrolled for a given program, that course will be delivered.

SP01: How to prepare your child (<5 years) for School?

SP02: What your child should have learnt by the end of Kindergarten?

SP03: What your child should have learnt by grade 8?

SP04: What your child should know, when ready to leave School?


Fee structure : 

Fee for a weeklong program : Rs 2500+ GST Rs 450= Rs 2950

Fee for a weekend program   : Rs 1000+ GST Rs 180= Rs 1180

Fees can be easily paid by PayTM to mobile number :+919810073724

For those who would rather pay by Bank Transfer, here are the details:



Branch Unit No.05 A & B, Ground Floor Tower A, Unitech Cyber Park, Sec 39,Gurgaon – 122002 Haryana
Account Number 2645100000301
IFSC code HDFC0002645 ( first four digits are alphabets and remaining 7 are numbers )



For International remittances


Branch Unit No.05 A & B, Ground Floor Tower A, Unitech Cyber Park, Sec 39,Gurgaon – 122002 Haryana
Account Number 2645100000301


Fees can be easily paid through PayTM : pay to +919810073724.

For any further queries send an e-mail to

Or a Whatsapp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724