Courses in August 2018:

Courses  in August 2018:

August 1st week : 

▪ Monday 6th to Friday 10th August  2018: LAT13: Becoming a lifelong learner

▪ Tuesday 7th August :LAT01: How to prepare your child (<5 years) for School?

  •  Wednesday 8th August : LAT05: What is worth learning .

      ▪ Saturday 11th/ Sunday 12th August : LAT24: Learning how to learn Maths?

August 2nd  week : 

▪ Monday 13th to Friday 17th August 2018: LAT14: Learning for Academic success

▪ Tuesday August  14th:LAT02: What your child should have learnt by end of Kindergarten?

  • Wednesday August 15th : LAT06: The biochemical basis of happiness: endorphin, dopamine, sterotonin and oxytocin

▪Saturday August 18th/ Sunday August 19th: LAT22: Learning how to read?

August 3rd week : 

▪ Monday 20th to Friday 24th August 2018:LAT15: Learning for Understanding

▪Tuesday August 21st: LAT03:What your child should have learnt by grade 8?

  •  Wednesday August 22nd : LAT07: Words that have inspired me

▪Saturday August 25th/ Saturday 26th : LAT24: Learning how to Learn Mathematics?

August 4th week : 

▪Monday 27th to Friday 31st August 2018: LAT17: Critical Thinking

▪Tuesday August  28th:LAT 04: What your child should know when ready to leave School?

  •  Wednesday August 29th : LAT08: Finding Meaning and purpose in your life 


Fee structure : from July 2018

Fee for a one day events : Rs 1000+ GST Rs 180= Rs 1180

Fee for a weekend events : Rs 2000+ GST Rs 360= Rs 2360

Fee for a weeklong events  : Rs 4000+ GST Rs 720= Rs 4720


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