Education 5.0: The 5th Education Revolution

Track 1: Education 5.0: The 5th Education Revolution : The Lifelong learning and self-improvement  track:

  • TFER00: Standing on the Shoulders of giants
  • TFER01: Self-learning: the most important 21st Century skill
  • TFER02: Attributes of a successful self-learner
  • TFER03: The Science of Learning
  • TFER04: A SmartLearner’s Toolkit
  • TFER05: Becoming future ready
  • TFER06: FAST: First Principles and Scientific Temper
  • TFER07: B2@B2: Becoming Better at Becoming Better
  • TFER08: The 100 years life
  • TFER09: TLCM: The language called Mathematics
  • TFER10: Critical Thinking
  • TFER11: Educating parents about education
  • TFER12: Philosophy for living well