Emerging Technologies:

This cluster covers 4 of the most important emerging technologies :

Emerging Technologies

MMP05: Big Data : the Big picture
MMP06: Blockchain : Demystified
MMP07: Machine Intelligence : what is it and why it matters?
MMP08: Quantum Computing ( a Primer)

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Detailed course outline for :

MMP05:  Big Data : the Big Picture

About the Program :
Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate.
Big data is a buzzword and a “vague term”, but at the same time an “obsession”with entrepreneurs, consultants, scientists and the media.
This start up course on Big Data is a short introduction to the landscape of big data and helps the participant get the ‘big picture’ of this emerging field.
Module  1: What is Big Data?
1.1: Definition, types and location of Big Data
1.2: Why is there so much hype about it?
1.3: What can we do with it?
Module 2: Uses of Big Data?
2.1: Big Data for 360 degree view of the customer
2.2:Big Data in Healthcare
2.3:Big Data in Education
Module 3: Big Data Analytics ( BDA)
3.1: Business Imperative of BDA
3.2: A few popular free tools and Best Practices for BDA
3.3: Analytics in the Big Data world
Module  4: Turning Big Data into a valuable asset?
4.1: Tips for turning Big Data into a Valuable Asset
4.2: Volume,Veracity, Variety and Velocity based value of Big Data
4.3: Four ways Big Data will change every Business
Module  5: The future of Big Data?
5.1: Machines taking over Business Intelligence
5.2: Big Data and Internet of Things
5.3: Big Data and Prescriptive Analysis

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Detailed course outline for :


Module 1: Blockchain Overview

1.1: What is Blockchain
1.2: Definition of Blockchain
1.3: The History of Blockchain

Module 2: Blockchain system
2.1: How does the blockchain system actually work
2.2: Where you can observe Blockchain uses.
2.3: How blockchain disrupts the financial service industry

Module 3: Importance of Blockchain
3.1: Why Blockchain Matters
3.2: How Blockchain can keep information private and secure
3.3: Blockchain is transparent and tells the truth.

Module  4: Applications of Blockchain
4.1: Who is using Blockchain right now.
4.2: Potential in : General Administration, Healthcare, Music, IP Management etc.
4.3: Applications of Blockchain in Education

Module 5: Why people are cautious about Blockchain
5.1: Privacy issues.
5.2: Regulatory nightmare
5.3: Watching the watchmen ?

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The detailed structure of the course on Machine Intelligence is as follows :

MMP07:: Machine Learning: what is it, and why it matters
Module 1: The Machine Learning Landscape
1.1: A fast forward of the history of Artificial Intelligence
1.2: The recent drivers of the resurgence of AI and ML
1.3: The Basics of Machine Learning: the key algorithms

Module 2: Deep Learning
2.1: Neural networks with hidden layers
2.2: The key concepts of deep learning
2.3: Implementing deep learning in various contexts

Module3. The tools of Machine Learning
3.1: IBM Watson
3.2:Google TensorFlow
3.3: Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

Module  4. Applications of Machine Learning
4.1: Machine learning and legal research
4.2: Machine learning and medicine/healthcare
4.3: Impact of Machine Learning on Education

Module 5. The future of Machine Learning
5.1: Ray Kurzweil and the Singularity
5.2: The coming years in machine intelligence
5.3: Ethical worries and concerns

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Detailed course outline for :

MMP08: Quantum Computing : a Primer

Module 1: The Basics of Quantum Computing
1.1: Bits and qubits
1.2: Superposition and entanglement
1.3: Quantum Gates
Module 2: Some features of Quantum Physics
2.1: Everything is made of waves ; also particles
2.2: Quantum Physics is discrete ; and probabilistic
2.3: Quantum Physics is non-local
Module 3: Quantum Algorithms
3.1: Characteristics of Quantum Algorithms
3.2: Shor’s Algorithm
3.3: Luv Grover and Simon’s Algorithms
Module 4: Developments and Challenges
4.1: Approaches to implementation
4.2: Quantum Decoherence
4.3: Timeline of recent progress in Quantum Computing
Module 5: How Quantum Computing will change the world? In about 10 years
5.1: Augmenting human intelligence
5.2: The Hacker-proof network
5.3: Enabling a new era of medical science

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