Entrepreneur Strand:

Entrepreneurship Strand:

1 day courses:

ES01: Why this is the best time to be an entrepreneur ? (Any day)

ES02: Awaken the Entrepreneur Within ( Any day)

Weekend Courses:

ES03: The Gig economy (1sr weekend of every month)

ES04: Elevator Pitches (2nd weekend of every month)

ES05: The Significance of Ethics ( 3rd weekend of every month )

ES06: Grit : Passion with Perseverance ( 4th weekend of every month)

Weeklong Courses:

ES07: Knowledge Entrepreneurship ( 1st week of every month)

ES08: Innovation (2nd week of every month) 

ES09: Financial Acumen ( 3rd week of every month)

ES10: Understanding Data Protection (4th week of every month)