Learning how to learn with AI

Learning How To Learn with AI: 

The NEP 2020 at para 4.6 states that its thrust will be to move the education system towards real understanding and ‘learning how to learn’ – and away from the culture of rote learning. Its goal will be to create holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped with key 21st-century skills. Self-Learning is perhaps the most important 21st Century Skill. Once a person has ‘learnt how to learn’ the person is on the way to become a self-learner. 

Robert Frost, the famous poet and Professor said “ I am not a teacher, I am an awakener”. 

And Richard Feynman in his famous “ Lectures on Physics” quoted Edward Gibbons “and the power of instruction is of little efficacy except in those fortunate dispositions, where it is almost superfluous”. 

One thing most successful people have in common is the desire and skill to self-learn. And with the availability of AI tools, self-learning is now practical for almost everyone, not just the gifted. 

I have created a Whatsapp delivered one month course on “ Learning how to learn with AI”. The flow of topics for each of the 20 days ( 4 weeks: 5 days every week) is as follows: 

LH2LAI01: Learning to learn: the most important 21st Century skill?

LH2LAI02: Attributes of a successful Learner

LH2LAI03: Techniques to become a better Learner

LH2LAI04: The promise of AI to become a better learner

LH2LAI05: 21st Century learner’ Toolkit

LH2LAI06: Learning with MOOCs

LH2LAI07: AI powered learning Apps

LH2LAI08: AI powered tools that facilitate learning

LH2LAI09: ChatGPT for better learning 

LH2LAI10: Effective prompts for better learning

LH2LAI11: Building Learning Power

LH2LAI12: Questioneering: the skill of asking incisive questions

LH2LAI13: What is worth learning ?

LH2LAI14: Self-learning as a vaccine against ‘uselessness’ 

LH2LAI15: ChatGPT walkthrough features that facilitate learning

LH2LAI16: Using AI to learn English

LH2LAI17: Using AI to overcome Maths Phobia and love Mathematics

LH2LAI18: Using AI to learn AI

LH2LAI19: Using AI to learn Quantum

LH2LAI20: Learning what you wish to learn with the help of AI

The first cohort for this course will run from Monday 2nd October 2023, and thereafter every month, beginning from the first Monday of the month. 

Enrolment and fee payment: 

  • As the courses are being delivered through WhatsApp the enrolment process is simply that of sending a WhatsApp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724
  • The fee for the above course is Rs 5000/- and can be easily remitted through PayTM to MM Pant ( mobile number : +919810073724).
  • For those who would rather pay into a Bank account, the relevant information is : 
  • Madan Mohan Pant
  • HDFC Bank, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39, Gurgaon 
            A/c 26451000000301
  • (The account number is 26451 followed by six zeroes followed by 301)

To know more, please send a WhatsApp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724