Earning by Learning

Earning by Learning  :

This cluster comprises 4 courses as follows :

MMP01: Become a lifelong learner
MMP02: Time Management for the youth
MMP03:Learning from Mobile Apps and MOOCs
MMP04: Financial Acumen

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The detailed structure of the courses:

MMP 01: Become a lifelong learner:

Day 1: The importance of becoming a lifelong learner
1.1: Why lifelong learning is so important now?
1.2: UNESCO on lifelong learning
1.3: Lifelong learning for career success
1.4: Lifelong learning in an era of increasing longevity
1.5: Well known and successful lifelong learners

Day 2: Attributes of a lifelong learner
2.1: The habit of reading
2.2: Knowing what to learn?
2.3: Expanding the definition of learning
2.4: The characteristics of a lifelong learner
2.5: Grit, perseverance and a growth mindset

Day 3: Steps to becoming a lifelong learner
3.1: Become a more curious person. Ask questions.
3.2: The do’s of lifelong learning
3.3: The don’ts for lifelong learning
3.4: The journey to lifelong learning
3.5: The future of work

Day 4: Improving your lifelong learning abilities
4.1: What is worth Learning?
4.2: Learning at different stages of life
4.3: Applying what you learn
4.4: The Feynman technique for learning
4.5: Making learning stick

Day 5: How to learn anything?
5.1: Learning how to learn
5.2: Strategy and Plan for learning anything new
5.3: Learning resources on the Internet
5.4: Using YouTube for learning
5.5: Learning from Apps and MOOCs

MMP02: Time Management for the youth  :
Module 1: Understanding Time
1.1: Attitude towards time, Value of time
1.2: Why Time Management, Work life balance ,Symptoms of poor time management
1.3: Time Wasters
Module 2: Process of Time management-1
2.1: Focus, Defining goals
2.2: Time Log
2.3: To Do List, Procrastination
Module 3: Process of Time management-2
3.1: Prioritise
3.2: Time management matrix
3.3: Pareto principle, Parkinson principle
3.4: Art of saying ͚No͛
Module 4: Process of Time management-3
4.1: Managing interruptions
4.2: Delegation
4.3: Controlling meetings, telephones
4.4: Monkeys on your back
Module 5: Using Technology and other methods
5.1: Using free or low cost technology for saving time
5.2: Organise and clean up- Paper work, mails, Skim reading
5.3: Prime and non prime time, Pacing work, providing buffers
5.4: Is the jar full?



The detailed structure of the course on

MMP03: Learning with Mobile Apps and MOOCs:

Module 1: The basics of Educational Apps

1.1: What are Apps? Platforms and categories of Educational Apps

1.2: What makes a good educational App? Rubrics and checklists for good Apps

1.3: Searching for an educational App? Making your own App

Module 2: Mobile Apps for educational purposes

2.1: Generic Apps : Evernote, Dropbox, YouTube

2.2: Specific Apps : Language, Mathematics

2.3: WhatsApp as a learning tool

Module 3: The nuts and bolts  of MOOCs

3.1: The Story of MOOCs

3.2: The Global landscape of MOOCs: USA,UK, Australia, India

3.3: Features, Technology and Platforms

Module 4: Learning Opportunities with MOOCs

4.1: A survey of learning opportunities from MOOCs

4.2: MOOCs for accredited credentials

4.3: MOOCs for lifelong learning

Module 5: How to learn effectively from MOOCs ?

5.1: How to choose an appropriate MOOC ?

5.2: Attributes of a MOOC learner

5.3:The future of MOOCs

Fee: Rs 5000/- ( inclusive of all taxes)

Status : New learning cohorts begin every Monday from August 7th 2017

To enrol in this unique and timely Course, please send a mail to mmpant@gmail.com


The detailed structure of the

MMP04: Financial Acumen course is:

Module 1: Understanding Financial Acumen

1.1: What is financial acumen? Some are born with it, some achieve it and some have it thrust upon them

1.2: Present and future value of money

1.3: Compound Interest and thumb rules
Module 2: Asset Classes and their attributes

2.1: Basics of an equity, bond and loan

2.2: Basics of property, commodity, infrastructure

2.3: Insurance

Moduke 3: Building a Financial Safety Net

3.1: The fiscal challenges in present times: Living longer + nuclear family challenges = retirement planning, humans being replaced by machines = new sources of income needed

3.2: Personal Financial Planning : Goals (car, house, kids graduation, wedding….) , budgeting (expense management) & how they interact

3.3: The pursuit of a Universal Basic Income ( the Swiss Referendum)

Module 4: Online Financial Transactions

4.1: Potential of online financial transactions

4.2: The Unified Payments Interface

4.3: Safety in online Financial Transactions

Module 5: Who to learn from?

5.1: Investment Managers ( Research says they get it right less than 50% of the time)

5.2: Ponzi schemes and other Financial Frauds

5.3: Consumer awareness programmes from multiple sources