Learning Weekends

Track B: Learning Weekends : 1 credit courses

Whatsapp courses that run on Saturday and Sunday with 5 scheduled posts per day by the resource person(s). As of now there are 4 courses in this list.


LW1: AIMLE: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  in education

LW2: LH2LE: Learning How to Learn English

LW3: LH2LM: Learning How to Learn Mathematics

LW4: LH2LC: Learnng How to Learn Computing

LW1 will be offered in the first weekend of every month.

LW2 will be offered in the second weekend of every month.

LW3 will be offered in the third weekend of every month.

LW4 will be offered in the fourth weekend of every month.

Course detailed flow :

LW1: AIMLE: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Education : 

In a world where AI and ML tools support virtually every part of our lives, why is it that the full power of such tools has yet to be unleashed to those who might benefit most – educators and learners?
With smarter digital tools offering up the promise of learning that is more personalised, inclusive and flexible, it has become critical that we — and particularly teachers, learners and parents — have a firm understanding of what these tools can do, and how they work.

Day 1: Saturday : Expectations
1.1: The main challenges to education and expectations from AI
1.2: The key ideas: AI Machine Learning and Deep Learning
1.3: AI in School Education, home schooling and lifelong learning
1.4: What can AI do for education today ?
1.5: How AI will disruptively transform education?

Day 2: Sunday  : Implementation Possibilities
2.1: Automation of administrative tasks
2.2: Artificial Intelligence for assessments
2.3: AI Chatbots as personal tutors/mentors
2.4: Predictive models and Recommendation Engines
2.5: Educators successfully harnessing AI


LW2: LH2LE: Learning How to Learn English

Day 1: The elements of English language learning?
1.1: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking
1.2: Reading with comprehension
1.3: Writing Skills
1.4: Listening Skills
1.5: Speaking Skills

Day 2: Learning with Technology
2.1: Generic Apps for Improving English
2.2: Using Grammarly to improve grammar
2.3: Building vocabulary
2.4: Using Artificial Intelligence to improve pronunciation: ELSA
2.5: AI enabled personal English tutor : Edwin

LW3: LH2LM: Learning How to Learn Mathematics

Day 1: Barriers to learning Mathematics
1.1: Symptoms of Maths anxiety/ Maths Phobia
1.2: Meta-cognition
1.3: Myths and realities about learning Maths
1.4: Threshold concepts in Maths
1.5: Barbara Oakley On learning Maths

Day 2: Learning Maths with Technology
2.1:  Learning Maths in the age of Smartphones
2.2: The Khan Academy as a default ‘go to’ resource for Maths
2.3: Mobile Apps to help learning of Maths
2.4: Conrad Wolfram on learning Maths with Computers
2.5: Getting hooked to Mathematics

LW4: LH2LC: Learning How to Learn Computing
Day 1: Why knowing Computing is a need for everyone
1.1: The map of Computer Science
1.2: What does it mean to know Computing
1.3: Computational Thinking
1.4: The age of AI and Machine Learning
1.5: MOOCs related to Computing

Day 2: Learning Computing : the steps
2.1: Why do you want to learn something ?
2.2: Which programming language is the ‘best’ language?
2.3: A  guide to resources for learning Computing
2.4: Communities of practice
2.5: Becoming a Data Scientist through Self Study