Lifelong Learning Strand:

Lifelong Learning Strand:

1 day Courses : any day

LLL01: How to become a better learner?

LLL02: What is worth Learning?

Weekend Courses:

LLL03: Creative Thinking (1st weekend of every month)

LLL04: Cognitive Flexibility (2nd weekend of every month)

LLL05: Rational Thinking : Avoiding stupidity ( 3rd weekend of every month)

LLL06: Preparing for a 100 year life (4th weekend of every month)

Weeklong Courses :

LLL07: Becoming a Lifelong Learner ( 1st week of every month)

LLL08: Educating Parents about Education ( 2nd week of every mo th)

LLL09: Whatsapp for Educators ( 3rd week of every month)

LLL10: Critical Thinking (4th week of every month)

LLL11: AI & ML in education ( also in the 4th  week of the month)