Weekend Learning:(12)

Top 10 Cognitive Skills for 2020:

The World Economic Forum has been making projections of the 10 skills that will become more important, valuable and rewarding in 2020 and beyond :https://yourstory.com/mystory/top-10-skills-that-youll-require-by-2020

Although it is clear that these are of utmost importance and urgency for all those who want to be an active part of the workforce, there is no easy and well known method of being informed of the nature of these skills and being guided as to how to acquire and develop this.

For the last few years, we have been exploring models of imparting knowledge on these with innovative approaches. Having explored several formats for mobile delivery on Whatsapp it emerged that a very convenient format is that of courses delivered over a weekend. Although we even gave a short FREE introductory course on Critical Thinking via Twitter.

From May 2020, in pursuance of our Mission 2020, we will have a pool of  the following 12 courses ( WEL01 to WEL12) that can be pursued on weekends ( Saturdays/ Sundays).

  •  WEL01: Complex Problem Solving
  •  WEL02: Critical Thinking
  •  WEL03: Creative Thinking
  •  WEL04: People Management
  •  WEL05: Co-ordinating with others
  •  WEL06: Emotional Intelligence
  •  WEL07: Effective Decision making
  •  WEL08: Service Orientation
  •  WEL09: Negotiation
  •  WEL10: Cognitive Flexibility
  • WEL11: Overcoming Maths Phobia
  • WEL12: First Principles


These courses are offered  on the scheduled  weekend ( Saturday and Sunday ) of the month. Expression of interest in joining a course can be made on any day, and all requests received upto the Friday till 12 noon, before the schedule of the course will be placed in a cohort that would begin on the next Saturday.


To register for this course:

First pay the fee of Rs 1000/- by PayTM to MM Pant ( mobile number : +919810073724).

Then send a Whatsapp message to MM Pant ( +919810073724) with the following information :

1: Your Name : First and Last

2: Mobile phone number linked to Whatsapp

3: Course Code and course name:

4: PayTM transaction number/ screenshot

5: Your brief profile ( optional). There will be an opportunity to briefly introduce yourself within the group also.

For those who prefer to pay through bank transfer, the required information is :

LMP Education Trust

Kotak Mahindra Bank, Sector 31, Gurgoan

A/c 9812371643

IFSC- KKBK0004258

Type of account- Saving


To seek any clarification or for further information, please send a Whatsapp message to Prof. MM Pant at +919810073724.