LW2: Learning Prescriptions

Learning Prescriptions: 

We need innovations in education that promote active learning. One such innovation is the “ Learning Prescription”. I had earlier espoused the idea of a “to learn” list like the “to do“ list that is well known in management.

By investing in a reading habit, you can ensure you’re growing yourself every day. That’s why the 1st example  shared here for a learning prescription is for ‘Reading Effectively’. The NEP 2020 emphasises ‘learning how to learn’. The 2nd sample learning prescription is therefore on ‘ Building Learning Power’. It has been said that the future will in due course, become the present, whether we are prepared or not. It has also been said that success happens when preparation meets opportunity. Hence the 3rd sample learning prescription on ‘Anticipating the future’. In the present and coming era of information explosion, available information must be absorbed critically,hence the 4th sample learning prescription is on ‘ Critical Thinking’. Finally there is both a hype about as well as great promise from Quantum Computing and other Quantum Technologies. The 5th sample learning prescription is therefore about ‘ Key Concepts in Quantum’. 

It builds upon the concepts of “ Bibliotherapy” and “ CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy” to create a product to enhance the self-learning skills of all learners. 

This course is offered during every second weekend of the month.


Day 1: The Concept of a Learning Prescription

1.1: What is ‘prescribed’ in education?

1.2: The elements of a medical prescription

1.3: Generic format of a ‘learning prescription’?

1.4: Self-learning and ‘learning prescriptions’

1.5: Who should be giving ‘ learning prescriptions’?

Day 2: Examples of Learning Prescriptions

2.1: Reading effectively

2.2: Building Learning Power

2.3: Anticipating the future

2.4: Critical Thinking

2.5: Key concepts in Quantum 

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