Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence :

ToC of MMP07: ‘ Making sense of Artificial Intelligence’

MMP07: Making sense of Artificial Intelligence:
Day 1: What is Artificial Intelligence?
1.1: The Genesis and the present Landscape
1.2: The rapid rise of the under-achiever (AI).
1.3: The Technology: IBM Watson, Google Tensorflow and Apple AI neural engine
1.4: AI and Robotics
1.5: The Turing Test

Day 2: AI: a many splendoured thing
2.1: Narrow Intelligence, General Intelligence & Super Intelligence
2.2: AI, Machine learning and Deep learning
2.3: Approaches to machine learning
2.4: Big Data and AI
2.5: The search for a master algorithm

Day 3: What can AI do today ? Applications of Deep Learning
3.1: Recommendation Engines
3.2: Speech Recognition
3.3: Computer Vision
3.4: Autonomous Transportation
3.5: The Mathematics behind the AI

Day 4: Chatbots:
4.1: What is a chatbot ?
4.2: A taxonomy of chatbots
4.3: The process of building chatbots
4.4: The popular Chatbots
4.5: Tools for Building chatbots

Day 5: Ethical Matters
5.1: The ethical challenges arising from AI
5.2:World economic forum on ethical issues in AI
5.3:Threats to privacy and human dignity
5.4: Singularity: the future of AI
5.5: Resolving the classic trolley Problem