International Qualifications in AI & ML:

A program for those passing 10+2 in the summer of 2018

Course begins in July 2018

Admissions during April, May and June 2018

Features  of the program :
This is a 2 year program designed for those who have passed their 10+2 examination from a Board such as CBSE, ICSE or an equivalent Indian State Board. Those who have done the Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate Program are also welcome, as are the graduates of the Cambridge. If the School Leaving Certificate that you have pursued is not listed here, please make a request with details of your credentials and we will try to accommodate you, maybe with suggestions to pursue a few additional courses.
Having studied Computer Science is not a pre-requisite. But having an IELTS score of more than 6.5 or equivalent is a requirement for admission to this program.
Apart from imparting knowledge in programming, mathematics,Computational Thinking and specific topics in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, a Learner makes 3 projects during this time. The goal of these projects is to go beyond evidence of ‘can do’ to exhibition of ‘has done’.
The project activities help develop desirable personality traits for AI professionals comprising analytical thinking, curiosity, patience, discipline, eye for detail and the ability to work independently or collaboratively as per need.

In order to foster the spirit of lifelong learning, all learners will automatically be enrolled as members of a lifelong learning community. In the first year of the program, all learners will do a course on ‘ learning how to learn’ to enable them to continue to pursue their learning and be updated as per their needs. In order to pursue a career as an IT Professional, especially in the rapidly progressing field of AI and ML, being an autonomous Self-directed Learner is Critical.
After completing the course, they will have one year of support on the topics of their studies through a monthly newsletter.

Year 1:
Total program : 120 credits , with 1200 guided learning hours
You will be introduced to the fundamental principles of computational Thinking, algorithms and programming. You will also study mathematics courses in calculus and linear algebra, as applied to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
You will learn of the story of evolution of AI and its recent drivers and applications.
You will learn the relationship between AI, Machine learning and deep learning. Also about the most visible applications of Predictive Modelling, Recommendation Engines and Chatbots. This will be topped with a project where all this learning will come together.

Year 1: Courses:

IQAIML01: Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence : Applications and Implications (5 credits)
IQAIML02: Introduction to Python ( 5 credits)

IQAIML03: Learning how to learn? (10 credits)
IQAIML04: Computational Thinking,Algorithms and Heuristics  (5 credits)

IQAIML05: Fundamentals of Neuroscience (5 credits)
IQAIML06: Basic Maths for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ( 10 credits)
IQAIML07: Machine Learning and Deep Learning (10 credits)
IQAIML08: Machine Learning with Python (10 credits)
IQAIML09: Predictive Modelling ( 5credits)
IQAIML10: Recommendation Engines ( 5 credits)

IQAIML11: Natural Language Processing (5 credits)

IQAIML12: Chatbots (5 credits)

IQAIML13: AI on mobile devices (5 credits)

IQAIML14: Awaken The Innovator Within ( You) (5 credits)
IQAIML15: Project ( 30 credits)

Tentative courses for the 2nd year :

Total program : 120 credits , with 1200 guided learning hours
You will be taught the importance of the user experience, given additional inputs in mathematical topics important for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You will learn about Computer vision. speech recognition and Machine translation as examples of Deep learning at some depth. You will be exposed to Google Tensorflow to enable you to make AI products.

By the time you complete this program, dedicated mobile chips for AI will be commonplace in a majority of Smartphones. In anticipation of the fact that over the next 2 years, there will be many new technologies and practices that we haven’t heard of yet, we have a course on ‘ Emerging Trends in mobile AI’. The project that you develop at this stage will be a showcase of how good an AI Professional you have become.

Year 2: Courses
IQAIML21: Designing the User Experience (10 credits)
IQAIML22: Advanced Maths for AI & ML (10 credits)
IQAIML23: The IBM Watson: Cognitive Computing (10 credits)
IQAIML24: AI Chips for mobile phones (10 credits)
IQAIML25: Mobile AI development with Tensorflow lite (10 credits)
IQAIML26: Microsoft Technologies Azure (10 credits)
IQAIML27: Google Tensorflow ( 10 credits)
IQAIML28: Emerging Trends in mobile AI (10 credits)
IQAIML29: Project ( 40 credits)