Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence:

Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence:

These are courses that run for a week  on everyday from Monday to Friday. As of now there are 19 courses in this category. For sometime now  there will  be only 19 courses in this category. We may tweak the list.

MSAI 01: The AI Landscape: Technologies and Applications

MSAI 02: Computational Thinking

MSAI 03: Learning How to Learn

MSAI 04:  Implications of AI and Machine Learning for Humans

MSAI 05: Big Data: the Big Picture

MSAI 06: Blockchain : Demystified

MSAI 07: Internet of Things

MSAI 08: Digital Manufacturing/ 3D Printing

MSAI 09: Linear Algebra for Machine Learning

MSAI 10: Probability and Statistics for Machine Learning

MSAI 11  : Calculus for Machine Learning

MSAI12: Optimization Techniques for Machine Learning

MSAI13: Machine Learning and Deep Learning 

MSAI14: Machine Learning under the hood: the key algorithms

MSAI15: Understanding Neural Networks

MSAI 16: Robotics: the Fundamentals

MSAI17: Predictive Modelling 

MSAI18: Recommendation Engines

MSAI19: Natural Language Processing

MSAI20: Chatbots

MSAI21: Quantum Computing : the next Big thing

To join any of the above courses, please send a Whatsapp message to Professor MM Pant at +919810073724 or an e-mail to :

Fee structure : from July 2018

Fee for each of the courses MSAI 01 to MSAI21  : Rs 2500+ GST Rs 450= Rs 2950

Fees can be easily paid through PayTM : pay to +919810073724

You can ‘ pay as you go’ instead of paying lakhs in advance.

You can leave at any point of time, and come back to join later.

We do not normally hold examinations or give certificates.