e-Mentored by Prof.M.M.Pant

There are 6 personalised Tele-mentoring programmes:

1: LHTL: Learning how to learn : is a 20 hour program that runs over a month to learn the techniques of good learning and become a better and faster learner.

2: KINROM: Knowledge : it’s nature, representation, organisation and management is a 6 month program to prepare youth ( whether at School, College or University) for the Knowledge economy

3: PMFGSD: Personal Mentoring for guided self-discovery: A 5 month program of guided self-discovery: “Pre-emotive transformation for an unknown and unpredictable future”:

4: COAIAAI: Coming of Age in the age of Artificial Intelligence : a 5 year programme for students at Class 8

5: RPUA: Robot-proof University education : a 3 year programme for students in the 3rd year of University

6: AIEE: AI empowered educator : A six month program to prepare motivated teachers ( especially from the disciplines of Physics, Mathematics and Computing) to prosper and flourish from all the opportunities that will be created with AI applications in education.


Details of the program listed at no.3: PMFGSD:

A 5 month program of guided self-discovery:

Individualised mentoring in a sequence. Mentees can join at the beginning of any month, and will follow a personalised trajectory. 

This is designed as a 20 week ( 5 days a week) or 100 day program . The activities on each day would require a couple of hours. Any weekends and extra days that become available during the 5 month period may be used for catching up on missed activities and for further reflection and rumination on the discussions.

The key theme is :

“Pre-emotive transformation for an unknown and unpredictable future”:

A program for all ages from about 12 ( student of class 8) upwards.  Parents of minors will be included in the program without any extra charge, in their ward’s mentoring journey. Of course they will have to pay the regular fee if they also want to be ‘mentored’ on how to deal with their own future.

It is often said that healthcare has continuously improved because the outcome of new knowledge and research in the medical sciences leads to better diagnostics, better pharmaceutical products and better treatment protocols, but the outcome of research in education, learning, including what neuroscience informs us of how the brain learns and the technologies including its latest incarnation in the form of AI is not applied to improve the educational system, it is actively prohibited from being used in classrooms. 

Under the present conditions, the formal education system cannot have any promise for the learners and the only hope is individuals taking charge of their own destinies, and applying what great thought leaders have suggested in their books, blogs, conference keynotes, articles and TED talks. 

This is an exploratory 5 month personalised mentoring program based on the above approach. 

Unlike a course curriculum, it is not spelled out in detail, but a broad sequence of the activities  over a period of 5 months has been planned. 

We expect that most people will then onwards be able to chart their future trajectories, but if some want some more support, that would be available.

We will not abandon our mentees or abdicate our responsibility towards them. 

A 5 month program of guided self-discovery:

1st month : Finding your element ( Ken Robinson); नैसर्गिकक्षमता; नैसर्गिक  प्रवृत्ति

Week 1: Setting the stage; how will the process work? 

Week 2: What are you good at? Evidence from academic records

Week 3: What makes you happy?

Week 4: What do you love doing?

End of month outcome: A report on your element

2nd month : meta-cognition : what kind of learner are you? 

Week 5: Your multiple Intelligence profile; MBTI; multiple natures; traditional psychometric tests

Week 6: What is your attitude? Mindset? Grit? Deferred Gratification. 

Week 7: Your learning disposition 

Week 8: What were you planning to do next? Why?

End of month outcome: Your cognitive profile. 

3rd month: helping you become a better learner

Week 9: Why becoming a lifelong learner is so important ?

Week 10: The pursuit of mastery learning

Week 11: Knowledge representation and organisation 

Week 12: Techniques for learning advanced or difficult concepts

End of the month outcome:

Guidance for becoming a better learner 

4th month : Philosophical Foundation 

Week 13: Nietzsche: one who has a why of living can overcome any how?

Week 14: Philosophy through literature 

Week 15: Empathy and how to develop it

Week 16: Finding your Ikigai

End of the month outcome: Your Philosophy as articulated by you 

5th month: Your road ahead in an uncertain world (the age of AI)

Week 17: State of readiness with skills for 2020

Week 18: MegaTrends in the 4th Industrial Age

Week 19: Astrological guidance 

Week 20: The next steps : Sharing the reports and providing guidance 

End of month outcome : Your Personal action plan.

The entire program can be pursued through remote interactions primarily through WhatsApp. But for those who want to visit and meet with Prof MM Pant, in person at Gurgaon, such meetings can be organised subject to scheduling possibilities. 

You can continue to seek further help or be ready to continue on your own.