Want Mentoring from Prof.MM Pant ?


Getting Mentored by Prof.M.M.Pant:



Focus areas for Mentoring by Prof MM Pant:

1: Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence ( 1 month)

2: Becoming an UberSmart Autonomous Self-directed Learner ( 2 months)

3: Coming of Age in the 4th Industrial Age ( 3 months )

Those who would like to be mentored in a specific domain ( such as personal career development) can have a be-spoke model of mentoring building on the above concepts.

To know more about and join any of the above 3 mentoring programs or starting a dialogue to initiate your own customised mentoring program, please send an e-mail to : mmpant@gmail.com

Format of Mentoring : 

Mentoring is best done individually and in a personalised manner, which may be called  121 Mentoring ( one to one Mentoring) ;  but sometimes small group mentoring is quite effective.

* Access to a pool of ‘curated’ resources in the ‘domain’ in which you are being mentored updated at regular intervals. These resources would comprise white papers, videos, podcasts, e-books from world renown educational thought leaders. You would also have access to archives of articles by Prof.M.M.Pant
* Monthly : Resources delivered in the form of personalised e-mail Newsletters delivered to your inbox once a month,helping you plan your learning activities for the month, further detailed as weekly plans and goals. And you can access them on your Smartphone or Tablet.
* Weekly : New Blogs at a blog site at regular intervals, on the average once a week, usually on Tuesday. The latest and archived posts will accessible on your mobile device.
* Daily: Breaking News in the domain of your mentoring updated almost every other day on Twitter
* personalised occasional messages to you as text, e-mail or direct Tweets to you of information particularly worthy of your attention.

* and of course an e-mail HelpDesk at askdrpant@gmail.com. You will get a response within a reasonable time. And this will not be an automated programmed reply, but a reply by Prof.M.M.Pant himself or by a close associate on his behalf and with his guidance/approval.



3 Responses to Want Mentoring from Prof.MM Pant ?

  1. Sir this Mission is great for improving the distance learning people and the people who want to study but cant afford it.I am truly give my best to support this mission from my core of heart. i will also suggest people and my co workers for supporting this great Mission.
    —- Pradeep Kumar from Pratham Infotech Foundation, Delhi

  2. Dipti Joshna says:

    Well I never thought something like this ever happens, until I met Prof Pant in the Goenkan Education Leaders Confluence and heard him. Then the whattsapp thing followed and my learning biosphere went and hit the virtual world of the Internet. Its indeed a new arena, altogether a new approach to learning and interaction with diversified people from across the planet. Lots more unfolded one by one when I took all his one week short whattsapp courses…. I must confess my perception towards teaching learning in the 21st century has undergone a sea change and I find myself again in the front benches of 21st century learners…..

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