A4: Ready for the Quantum Future : R4QF

Backdrop :

The nuclear race that started about 100 years ago in the last century, culminated in the tragic dropping  of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th August 1945, demonstrating US Nuclear Supremacy.

The space exploration race that began in the 1950s was marked with the launch of Russian Sputnik on October 4th, 1957, and the American stepping on the moon on July 20th, 1969. 

 Artificial Intelligence, however, progressed steadily spanning both centuries, with milestones such as IBM Deep Blue defeating the human chess champion Gary Kasparov on May 11th 1997 , and the South Korean Go champion Lee Se-dol having decided in November 2019, to retire from professional play, his decision being motivated by the ascendancy of AI.

Now it is the Quantum race that has the spotlight in the 3rd decade of the 21st Century. Quantum Technologies will shape science and the world economy, re-defining the speed, and scale of scientific and technological progress in the future.  Google achieved ‘ Quantum Supremacy’, on 23rd October 2019.

Quantum Technologies will shape science and the world economy, re-defining the speed, and scale of scientific and technological progress in the future.

The global race to win the quantum future is already on. Major IT companies—Microsoft, Intel, Google, IBM—are already on it. China plans to set up National Quantum Laboratory and Russian research is spearheaded by the Russian Quantum Center. Quantum readiness, therefore, is the most crucial element of future readiness.     

Quantum Technologies have the potential for solving erstwhile unsolvable problems in science, technology, biology but even in business operations an finance. Thus students of all streams, engineering, medical or business are well advised to get an early start on appreciating the quantum world. 

Quantum research has been selected by the World Economic Forum’s scientific community as one of the most important “future frontiers” in science, and therefore, is the most crucial component of Future Readiness.

Quantum Awareness Course offered: 

This Quantum Readiness course is delivered over 4 weeks, Monday to Friday every week. A total of20 sessions in all. The course ends with guidance on pursuing the field of Quantum on your own. Yes, it’s possible.

Week1: The magic of Quantum

Week 2: Key Quantum Concepts

Week 3: Quantum Computing

Week 4: Quantum Biology and other Quantum Technologies

Week 1: The magic of Quantum

1.1: Pre-Quantum mysteries?

1.2: The dramatis personae in Quantum Mechanics

1.3: Quantum Phenomenon in everyday life 

1.4: Quantum technologies around you

1.5: India’s Quantum contributions

Week 2: Key Concepts

2.1: Wave-particle duality and uncertainty principle

2.2: Spin

2.3: Superposition

2.4: Quantum Tunnelling

2.5: Entanglement

Week 3: Quantum Computing

3.1: Quantum Computing in the news

3.2: Key components of Quantum Computing

3.3: Approaches to Quantum Computing

3.4: Quantum algorithms and Quantum Software

3.5: Applications of Quantum Computing

Week 4: Quantum Biology and other Quantum Technologies

4.1: The emergence  and promise of Quantum Biology

4.2: Quantum Sensors

4.3: The second Quantum Revolution

4.4: The expectations from Quantum Technologies

4.5:  Learning Quantum on your own…it’s possible!

Learning Outcomes

After completing this program,the learner would be able to

* Identify applications of Quantum Devices in daily life

* Describe non-intuitive quantum concepts

* Understand the nuances of Quantum Computing in layman terms

* Explain the nature and future of Quantum Computing

* Identify the influence of non-trivial quantum phenomena in living systems

* Critically examine the global initiatives on Quantum Technologies

* Understand the economic potential of Quantum Technologies

Summary of the course week wise :

Week 1: The Magic of Quantum

The goal during this week  is to illustrate the Quantum magic that leads from Quantum surprises to Quantum devices. While many Physicists have said that quantum mechanics is magic, the same expression is not used, for example, for relativity, classical mechanics, geology, chemistry or biology. But from semi-conductors to superconductors, photosynthesis and our sense of smell to the migration of birds, Quantum Magic is all around us. 

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” said Arthur C Clarke. But unlike the traditional magic, whose charm decreases as the underlying tricks are revealed, in this case, it gets more intriguing as different layers of the puzzle are revealed. 

Week 2: Key Quantum Concepts

The conceptual building blocks of Quantum technologies are wave-particle duality, superposition, spin, quantum tunnelling, entanglement and decoherence. These concepts are non-intuitive and have baffled even the Scientists who were developing these concepts. Quantum engineers work on practically implementing them. This session attempts to explain these non-intuitive concepts. 

Week 3: Quantum Computing

This week is devoted to the nature and future of Quantum Computing. With Quantum Supremacy having been demonstrated by Google on 23rd October 2019, and the global race under way for solving really difficult problems of new materials, better batteries, pharmaceutical products and coping with climate change, this is perhaps the most exciting knowledge domain now. 

Week 4: Quantum Biology and other Quantum Technologies:

The session’s  objective, would be understanding the applications of Quantum Mechanics to biological objects and problems 

Quantum Biology is an emerging field, and it is fair to say that most of the current research is theoretical and subject to questioning which require further experimentation. Though the field has only recently received the due attention, it has been conceptualized by Physicists throughout the 20th Century. Quantum Biology is concerned with the influence of non-trivial quantum phenomena in living systems. The Second Quantum Revolution is a sequel to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and opens up doors, whose existence, many of us, aren’t even aware of. Do watch this video about the trillion dollar quantum gold rush : https://youtu.be/wKN8wBl4X1MThe White House on 7th October, 2020 released a Quantum Frontiers report of US initiatives to keep up with China’s efforts, in the field: https://thediplomat.com/2020/10/us-pushes-quantum-tech-as-rivalry-with-china-intensifies/ .

In India too, last years budget had an allocation of Rs 8000 crores for a national mission on Quantum Technologies: https://dst.gov.in/budget-2020-announces-rs-8000-cr-national-mission-quantum-technologies-applications

Quantum Technologies will shape science and the world economy, re-defining the speed, and scale of scientific and technological expansion. This session surveys the initiatives across the globe in Quantum Technologies, and its economic potential.

Course access and delivery process:

A Whats App group will be created for each edition of the program. The group formation is not contingent on a minimum number being enrolled. The program will be delivered, even if there is only one participant, enrolled, for a particular week

* Between 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. IST (+5:30 GMT), every dayMonday through Friday, I will be posting Whats App content. The posts may be in the form of text, images of PowerPoint slides, my audios, videos or curated videos  

Access to content will be open beyond the scheduled time, for those enrolled participants, who are unable to join the group, during the scheduled time, as indicated above

* About 10 minutes before the scheduled time, a message will be posted, as a reminder, to the effect that the session is about to begin

If any course participant has a query, question or observation, and if it concerns the whole group, (s)he may raise it, instantly, within the Group. However, if it is meant as a message to the Course Administrator only, please prefer sending a direct message, rather than posting it in the group.

* If we can make a quick, short and effective response, without losing the thread of the conversation, we will respond instantly, but in case, we cannot do so, we will pool such responses and make a special additional post

* Towards the end of the session, we will share the PowerPoint slides as a pdf file, which can be used in ways, that the learners find beneficial and convenient

Course participants may keep posting their queries and comments, even after the scheduled time of our posts is over. All the posts and conversations (including audio) will remain with you until you consciously and / or deliberately delete them. This is the greatest advantage of this method

Enrolment and fee payment:

 Step 1:

* In order to enroll for the Programme, please send a WhatsApp message, with the following text: ‘Interested in Quantum Readiness’ to +91 98100 73724.

Please do mention your name and WhatsApp mobile number on which you would like to pursue the programme through WhatsApp

Step 2:

Programme Fee of Rs. 5000/– (Rupees Five thousand only) may be remitted, either through, PayTM: to Prof. M. M. Pant on mobile number : +91 98100 73724


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