The challenges to parenting today are very different from those of earlier generations. Enlightened and informed parents have to play an active role in the overall development of their children. While sending the children to the best Schools that are available is an obvious step, it is not everything. It is for the parents to observe the child’s progress till adulthood and create the immediate environment in which the child can thrive.

As of now we have 4 one day programs that are offered on Tuesdays. They are listed below. The schedule is that the first program SP01 is offered on the first Tuesday of the month, the 2nd SP02 on the 2nd Tuesday, the 3rd SP03 on the third Tuesday and SP04 on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

SP01: How to prepare your child (<5 years) for School?

SP02: What your child should have learnt by the end of Kindergarten?

SP03: What your child should have learnt by grade 8?

SP04: What your child should know, when ready to leave School?