The 100 years Life

THYL: The 100 years Life

There have been several triggers to me designing and offering this course.  The first was a chance perusal of a Book by Carl Jung, where he drew attention to the need for a ‘ School for the 2nd half of life’.

The 2nd one was the cover story in the Time magazine edition of February 21st 2011, boldly saying 2045…. the year man becomes immortal. 

And in the year 2014, in a book by Anne Karpf with title “ How to Age” at Chapter page 153 begins with the following statement “ Since 1951 no one in the USA has died of old age. This was the year old age was deleted as a cause of death from death certificates; from then on you could only die of a disease. 

Now in 2022, as AI and allied technologies further drive our understanding of ageing and provide many solutions to the problems traditionally associated with old age, it becomes very important to engage in a meaningful conversation on the topic. 

The last years with the Corona pandemic, made it a bit incongruous to talk about a long life, in the midst of this ‘ dance of death’ and I was tempted to drop the idea of this course. But then “ this too will pass” and the questions raised and discussed here will again become important. So here’s to our future.

This course is offered during the 2nd weekend of every month.

Day 1: Saturday:

Understanding the Ageing phenomenon 

1.1: Drivers of increasing longevity 

1.2: What Science says about ageing? 

1.3: Lifestyle to promote healthy ageing

1.4: Positive Ageing  

1.5: About death and dying 

Day 2: Sunday :

Your action plan : making old age a blessing not a curse

2.1: Becoming a lifelong learner gives you a longer life

2.2: Finding meaning and purpose in your life ( your Ikigai)

2.3: The 7 tasks for the 2nd half of life ( Karl Jung) 

2.4: Interviews with 100 year olds

2.5: Wrapping Up: Developing your Lifestyle plan

Further information will be provided to those who express interest by sending a WhatsApp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724

This course is offered during the 2nd weekend of every month.

Enrolment and fee payment: 

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