The AI fluent SmartEducator

The AI fluent SmartEducator: Backdrop : The traditional teacher in the classroom is being continually challenged by emerging technologies such as chatGPT, capable of replicating many activities  in traditional classroom teaching. The response of progressive teachers should be to evolve from the traditional classroom teacher writing on the blackboard to the “ AI fluent SmartEducator” providing an active learning experience to enable each learner to achieve mastery learning of mandated content and realise his/ her full potential to flourish and thrive in a rapidly changing world, where the unprepared are likely to plunge into the ‘useless class’ as pointed out by Yuval Noah Harari : educationist Benjamin Bloom published a research paper in 1984 titled the 2 sigma problem …..( and drew attention to the need to “find methods of group instruction as effective as one-to-one tutoring”. Now about 40 years later, the solution is in the form of chatGPT.  The AI fluent SmartEducator leverages AI to help the student to become a better learner and guides the learner towards the specific ‘prompts’ they must use to learn any subject or topic.  AI can turn an average student to an exceptional student. It can take a below average student and turn him or her into an above average student. This WhatsApp delivered monthlong course is designed to empower  every educator to become a more effective and successful educator powered by AI. Flow:Week 1: What is AI ?1.1: What is Artificial Intelligence ? 1.2: AI, machine learning and deep learning1.3: Artificial narrow and general intelligence 1.4: What can AI do today ? 1.5: Why educators must embrace AI ? Week 2: What can AI do for education ?2.1: The 4th education revolution 2.2: Ways in which AI is changing education for the better 2.3. AI driven pedagogies 2.4: AI for learning English 2.5: AI for learning Mathematics Week 3: ChatGPT and education3.1: The phenomenal rise of chatGPT3.2: Capabilities of ChatGPT3.3: Prompts, their attributes and effectiveness 3.4: Prompts for active learning 3.5: Prompt engineering as an academic skillWeek 4: Emerging Trends 4.1: MegaTrends4.2: GPT4: the next big thing4.3: The AI Pin and other wearables 4.4: The GPT store4.5:  The possible roads ahead Enrolment and fee payment: 

  • As this monthlong course is delivered through WhatsApp the enrolment process is simply that of sending a WhatsApp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724The fee for the course is Rs 5000/- and can be easily remitted through PayTM to MM Pant ( mobile number : +919810073724).For those who would rather pay into a Bank account, the relevant information is : Madan Mohan PantHDFC Bank, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39, Gurgaon 

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