Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence:

Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence:


We are now in the 4th Industrial Age and while Artificial Intelligence has been compared to being the new electricity, it’s availability through the cloud and mobile devices is much more universal than electricity. 

Since AI helps automate tasks which were earlier done by humans, its potential to enhance almost all human activities is enormous, and that is why we have adopted an “AI for all” philosophy, rather than AI for a privileged few.

This is an introductory  one month course for anyone who is curious to know what are the various aspects of AI. That is why it has been given the title ” Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence”. Throughout the course, there will be links to and information about books, articles and videos to learn more. 

This course is therefore a fascinating introduction for the curious, with substantial guidance on more for the serious. 

This course is an attempt to place AI in context, in this climate of the hype and apprehension around the topic. The better we understand AI, the greater the sense of awe at the sheer complexity of the brain, and the amazing algorithms that nature has devised to solve one of the hardest problems known to man. What we see around us are examples of ‘ narrow AI’ or ‘weak AI’. But the quest for ‘strong AI’ is a long journey…. but it’s perhaps the greatest scientific voyage that we can take now….

Flow of the course : 

Week 1: What is AI, and why it matters?

MSAI01: A quick history of AI

MSAI02: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

MSAI03: Automation of Knowledge work

MSAI04: What can AI do today, and how?

MSAI05: Machine Learning: the Buzzwords and algorithms

Week 2: How does AI work?

MSAI06: A survey of AI techniques : Artificial Neural Networks

MSAI07: Narrow Intelligence, General Intelligence and Superintelligence

MSAI08: Generative AI: large language models

MSAI09: ChatGPT and similar products

MSAI10: How and where to learn more?

Week 3: AI applications

MSAI11: AI in Marketing

MSAI12: AI in Finance

MSAI13: AI in Agriculture

MSAI14: AI in Healthcare

MSAI15: AI in Education

Week 4: AI and social concerns

MSAI16: AI and the future of work

MSAI17: Bias in AI

MSAI18: Ethical issues with AI

MSAI19: AI and legal concerns: robot rights

MSAI20: Life 3.0: Being human in the age of AI


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