The Entrepreneurship Program:

The Entrepreneurship Program:

A Whatsapp delivered program on weekends, to support the entire journey of entrepreneurs:

TEP01: Why this is the best time to be an entrepreneur ? 

TEP02: Attributes of an entrepreneur 

TEP03: Generating and filtering ideas

TEP04: Crowdfunding for raising money 

TEP05: Intellectual Property Matters

TEP06: Negotiation Skills 

TEP07: Digital Marketing

TEP08: Brand building and Management 

TEP09: The Gig economy 

TEP10: Time Management 

TEP11: Developing a business plan 

TEP12: Making an elevator pitch

TEP13: Project Management 

TEP14: SWOT analysis

TEP15: Becoming a lifelong learner 

TEP16: Identifying specific opportunities within MegaTrends

TEP17: Becoming a serial entrepreneur 

TEP18: Empathy

TEP19: Grit

TEP20: The entrepreneurial journey 

TEP21: Observing the Landscape of Opportunities

TEP22: Understanding Data Protection

TEP23:  Entrepreneurship in the Age of AI

Fee structure : from July 2018

Fee for each course numbered TEP01 to TEP21 is :Rs 2000+ GST Rs 360= Rs 2360

Fees can be easily paid through PayTM : pay to +919810073724

You can ‘ pay as you go’ instead of paying lakhs in advance.

You can leave at any point of time, and come back to join later.

We do not normally hold examinations or give certificates.

For more information send an e-mail to

Or a Whatsapp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724