The Language called Mathematics

TLCM: The language called Mathematics: 

This weekend WhatsApp delivered course aims to create an interest in Mathematics, a subject often disliked and dreaded.

The purpose of this unique course is to kindle an interest in Mathematics and awaken the desire to learn more.A nano-learning strategy for tech-enabled self-learning is detailed  for situations where there is no good Math Teacher. 

The phrase “ Mathematics is a language” was used by John Willard Gibbs, a distinguished American Scientist. He was echoing what Galileo had said hundreds of years earlier “ Nature is written in mathematical language”. 

TLCM: The language called Mathematics: 


Day 1: ( Saturday): What is Mathematics?

1.1: The myths and misconceptions regarding Maths

1.2: The Beauty of Mathematics

1.3: Recognition for Maths achievement 

1.4: Mathematical Thinking

1.5: The Map of Mathematics

Day 2: (Sunday): Learning Mathematics

2.1: Overcoming Maths Phobia

2.2: Inspiring  Mathematicians

2.4: Is Mathematics invented or discovered?

2.4: Strategies for learning Mathematics

2.5: Wrapping Up : Resources to learn Maths

Further information will be provided to those who express interest by sending a WhatsApp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724

This course is offered during the 4th weekend of every month.

Enrolment and fee payment: 

  • As the course is delivered through WhatsApp, the enrolment process is simply that of sending a WhatsApp message to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724
  • The fee for each of the above weekend course is Rs 1000/- and can be easily remitted through PayTM to MM Pant ( mobile number : +919810073724).
  • For those who would rather pay into a Bank account, the relevant information is : 
  • Madan Mohan Pant
  • HDFC Bank, Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39, Gurgaon 

        A/c 26451000000301


  • (The account number is 26451 followed by six zeroes followed by 301)