The Long Tail for Lifelong Learners:

The Long Tail for lifelong learners: Total credit pool : 151 credits

Many of the Whatsapp delivered courses have been designed to be part of approved Qualifications and have a certain credit value assigned to them.

But all these courses can also be pursued by individual lifelong learners who have not registered for those programs.

And even those who have registered for any of the programs may opt for other courses from this pool labelled ‘the Long tail’ inspired by Chris Anderson’s book with the same title.

For instance students of the Professional Qualification in AI and ML may want to pursue the course on ‘Quantum Computing’ as an additional course.

Courses of 1 credit each: (11)

LH2LE : Learning How to Learn English

LH2LM : Learning How to Learn Mathematics

LH2LC : Learning How to Learn Computing

What is worth Learning?

Awaken The Innovator Within (you)

Ageing gracefully: Preparing for a hundred year life

The Rich Indian Learning Heritage

Finding Meaning and Purpose in your life

What if you lost your job tomorrow?

Why this is the best time to become an educator?

The future of learning is in your hands: mobile learning- the cool way to learn

Courses of 2.5 credits each: (24)

Become a lifelong learner

Learning from Mobile Apps and MOOCs

Emerging Technologies : Big Data

Emerging Technologies : Blockchain

Emerging Technologies : Quantum Computing

Complex Problem Solving : Creative Intelligence

Complex Problem Solving : Critical Reasoning

Complex Problem Solving : Computational Thinking

Time Management

Negotiation Skills

Financial Acumen

The future of work

Being human ( in a world of intelligent machines)

The challenges of parenting today

Technology and Parenting
Parenting Styles
Choosing a Family education Philosophy
Fostering the habit of learning
Raising emotionally strong kids
Parenting at different stages

Overcomng Maths Phobia

Disruptive Educational Innovation

Whatsapp for Educators

Flipped Learning

Courses of 5 credits each: (6)

The AI landscape : Applications and Implications

Introduction to Python

Predictive Modelling

Recommendation Engines

Natural Language Processing


Courses of 10 credits each : (5)

Learning How to Learn?

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Machine Learning with Python

Computational Thinking and Algorithms

Basic Mathematics for AI and ML