The fascinating Quantum World

TFQW: The fascinating Quantum World


There have been three big opportunities in the last 50 years or so. The IT opportunity from the late 1960s and early 1970s, the AI opportunity whose huge impact we are witnessing now and the Quantum Opportunity which is taking shape before us, and will impact everything from room temperature and ambient pressure superconductivity, controlled thermonuclear fusion to Biology.

To get a sense of the excitement around Quantum Technologies, view this short video on the Trillion dollar Quantum Gold rush :

The excitement got a big push with the Physics Nobel Prize 2022 being awarded for Quantum Entanglement:

The result is that after the nuclear race, the space race,the AI race, we now have a Global Quantum race in which all nations have their programs/ missions:

India’s Quantum mission is in 4 domains : Quantum communication, Quantum simulation, Quantum computation, Quantum sensing and metrology :

AI and Quantum together herald a new future for mankind:

As quantum technologies prove their potential and the range of applications broadens, governments around the world are realizing the need to support and scale a quantum ecosystem as well as develop a diverse, quantum-literate workforce.

Become a part of that future.

The flow: 

Week1: The magic of Quantum

Week 2: Key Quantum Concepts

Week 3: Quantum Computing

Week 4: Quantum Biology and other Quantum Technologies

Structured as 20 WhatsApp delivered sessions of about an hour each

Week 1: The Magic of Quantum

TFQW01: Why Learn Quantum?

TFQW02: The dramatis personae in Quantum Mechanics

TFQW03: Quantum Phenomenon in everyday life 

TFQW04: Quantum technologies around us

TFQW05: India’s contribution to Quantum

Week 2: Key Quantum Concepts

TFQW06: Wave-particle duality and uncertainty principle

TFQW07: Spin

TFQW08: Superposition

TFQW09: Quantum Tunnelling

TFQW10: Quantum Entanglement

Week 3: Quantum Computing :

TFQW11: Quantum Computing in the news

TFQW12: Key components of Quantum Computing

TFQW13: Approaches to Quantum Computing

TFQW14: Quantum algorithms and Quantum Software

TFQW15: Applications of Quantum Computing

Week 4: Quantum Biology and other Quantum Technologies: 

TFQW16: The emergence  and promise of Quantum Biology

TFQW17: Quantum Sensors

TFQW18: The second Quantum Revolution

TFQW19: The expectations from Quantum Technologies

TFQW20: Learning Quantum on your own…it’s possible!

In future editions of this program, the list and sequence of topics may be continuously changing to reflect the expectations of the learners and the experience with earlier sessions. 

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