WhatsApp Live:

The Whatsapp Live Talk: 

The first ‘open’ WhatsApp live course will be on offer daily from Sunday 1st December 2019.

WhaT01: Learning First, AI next !

A WhatsApp delivered talk for almost everyone : senior school students, higher education students, parents, educators and other lifelong learners. It’s available every day. Any day you feel like knowing something about AI and education, you can join this session. Offered every evening between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm ( before prime time entertainment begins on TV). Begins Sunday 1st December 2019.

This will be followed by WhaT02: Why everyone can and should learn Quantum Mechanics? This course begins md-December 2019.

Proposed flow of WhaT01:

1: Ancient wisdom about the importance of learning: the desire to learn? 

2: Standing on the shoulders of giants:

3: Stephen Covey’s 7th habit: sharpening the saw 

4: If Knowledge is power, then reading ( super reading is superpower) …. learning is  superpower. 

5: The 4 stages / steps from unknown incompetence to unknown competence 

6: What is worth learning? 

7: Learning from digital sources 

8: The future of learning is in your hands

9: Becoming a lifelong learner ( link to Bill Clinton video) 

10: Building Learning Power

11: The Feynman method

12: Ultra-learning

13: Finding your element 

14: Meta-Learning 

15: Know thyself : body, mind and soul

16: Why Learn AI? 

17: What can AI do today? In the near future 

18: How do machines learn? 

19: What machine learning informs us about human learning?

20: Learning to learn AI/ML: the Finland course and other resources 

21: What next ?
This is a provisional proposed sequence. The sequence and titles of these themes may be tweaked for each edition in response to recent developments as well as the specific interests of the learner cohort.



The Whatsapp live talk is a new mode of remote learning that could be described as ‘Whatsapp live’ learning. I have used this model over the past 2 years in a number of different contexts.

This has been implemented by me from UK while I was visiting London for a program for Shivaji University Kolhapur University at Sholapur on 13th July 2017. The topic was “ Higher education in the 4th Industrial Age”. 

Then I deployed a WhatsApp talk to do a session on ‘Flipped Learning’ for Manav Rachna International School at Ludhiana on 29th July 2017. 

For Lady Doak College Madurai it was used for my Keynote titled “ The future of learning is in your hands” on 6th September 2018 for the IQAC National Conference on “ Quality Sustenance in Higher Education Institutions”.

More recently it was done for the Faculty Development Centre of Rohtak University on the 18th July 2019 with session title “ The Landscape of Artificial Intelligence and Education” as part of the FDP on e-learning. 

Most recently it was done on the 15th October 2019 for the Teaching-Learning Centre at the Central University Jaipur funded by MHRD New Delhi under the scheme of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT). The theme of the session was “ AI awareness for University Academics” for a duration of about 3 hours. 

Unlike TED and TEDx talks that are one-way pre-recorded talks of about 18 minutes duration to be viewed by millions of viewers, these WhaT lectures are more for the serious learner who is willing to stay with the ‘theme’ for about an hour, the standard time for College lectures, and be ‘in conversation’ with the Professor for the duration of the talk. 

And while the topics may be different, often suggested by potential audiences, the speaker giving the talk is always Professor MM Pant. 

In order to widen access to good quality education which is personalised, the Whatsapp talk seems to hold great promise. 

No matter how much in detail we describe the experience of attending one of these talks, until you enrol in and participate in a talk on a topic that interests you, you will not be able to imagine it. So far a few hundred have participated in the ones that we have done, and they found it am amazing experience.

Another innovative feature that we are exploring with this format is that new lectures, workshops or seminars in this format will be developed only at the instance of prospective learners. In general. I will develop a WhatsApp talk if there are about 10 prospective learners for the said talk. But in principle, f the topic is interesting enough, I will create a lecture even for ‘ a class of one student’. This is what personalisation is about.

If you have any thoughts for the topic of a lecture/talk that should belong here, do share it by sending an e-mail to mmpant@gmail.com or a Whatsapp message to 9810073724.

I will make all efforts to create and offer a lecture on the same.