The 100 year Life

Preparing for a 100 year life  :

The Backdrop: 

It is common across cultures to ‘bless’ people with “ May you live to be 100”. In Sanskrit we say “ शतनजीवि भव: “. The Italians say “ cent’anni” which is a contraction of “cento anni” and sometimes they add “e piu” for and more. 

The more important matter is that as you approach the number 100, will it be a blessing or a curse. 

India ageing faster than perception:

India is ageing faster then we thought: (Times of India August 12th 2018)

The government has disclosed that the number of people above 60 in India will rise to around 340 million by 2050

India is greying faster than previously projected by several agencies. 

The growth rate of the 0-14 population is slowing but that of older people is rising.

“India Ageing Report 2017” by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) says the share of population over the age of 60 could increase from 8% in 2015 to 19% in 2050. In absolute terms, this will be a very large number. 

People living in India experience the health problems associated with ageing at an early stage than those living in Japan or Switzerland, according to a first-of-its-kind study published in The Lancet Public Health.

Why this course : 

The life-spans and life expectancy at birth have been continuously increasing over the last decades, creating new unforeseen and important changes in the social and economic fabric of society as well as personal challenges for those with the blessings of a ‘long life’. 

But during the last 3 years, in the US there has been a slight drop in this trend. It can be dismissed as insignificant or interpreted to suggest that leading a long life is not enough. Humans want to lead a meaningful life as well. 

Japan on the other hand has a large number of happy persons who have found their Ikigai and are living to be 100 and beyond ( many in Okinawa). 

The psychologist Karl Jung was perhaps the first one to suggest that one cannot lead the second half of life on the principles applicable to its first half and lamented the lack of a ‘ School for the second half of life’.

This program attempts to fill that need in part, and shares the tasks that Jung recommended for the 2nd half of life. 

The program is delivered through Whatsapp which can be accessed through a mobile phone, independent of location 

The flow of the weeklong program:

Day 1: Monday : Longevity

1.1: What is life ? Characteristics of living systems

1.2: Disease, death: Brain dead? Comatose….

1.3: Drivers of increasing longevity

1.4: The 9 hallmarks of ageing

1.5: Significance of the Healthspan

Day 2: Tuesday : The stages of life

2.1: The arc of life

2.2: Stages of life across cultures

2.3: Managing Transitions between the stages of life

2.4:The 7 tasks for the 2nd half of life ( Carl Jung) 

2.5: Most common regrets of people in their final moments

Day 3: Wednesday : Lifestyle to promote healthy ageing

3.1: Diet and Fitness

3.2: Inculcating a happy disposition

3.3: Dealing with adversities

3.4: Adopting a personal Philosophy

3.5: Wrapping Up: Developing your Lifestyle plan

Day 4: Thursday: Ageing well

4.1: Understanding the ageing phenomena

4.2: Making old age a blessing and not a curse

4.3: Experiences of long lived people

4.4: The surprising secrets to living longer and better

4.5: Interviews with 100 year olds

Day 5: Friday : Death! Understanding it is critical to living well

5.1: Perspectives on Death: Philosophical, Spiritual, Poetic and the atheist

5.2: How we die? Old age is not a cause of death. Free radicals and telomeres

5.3: Suicide and euthanasia

5.4: Senicide as a cultural norm: Harakiri and other forms of honour killings

5.5: Preparing for one’s own death: managing the final days


Enrolment and fee payment: 

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