Lifelong Learning :

There are 3 categories of lifelong learning courses:

WDL : weekday learning. These are courses that run for a day on any weekday from Monday to Friday. As of now there are 20 courses in this category. The course list may be tweaked for more usefulness.

WDL : weekday learning :

1st week of the month : 

Monday: WDL1.1: How to prepare your child (<5 years) for School ?

Tuesday: WDL1.2: What is worth Learning ?

Wednesday: WDL1.3: Why this is the best time to be an educator ?

Thursday: WDL1.4: The Japanese concept of Ikigai

Friday: WDL1.5: The future of work

2nd week of the month: 

Monday: WDL2.1: What your child should know by end of Kindergarten?

Tuesday: WDL2.2: Avoiding Natural Stupidity

Wednesday: WDL2.3: Grit: its development and measurement

Thursday: WDL2.4: Acquiring a Service Orientation

Friday :WDL2.5: Learning with Apps and MOOCs

3rd week of the month: 

Monday: WDL3.1: What your child should know by end of middle School ?

Tuesday: WDL3.2: An investment in education is the best option.

Wednesday: WDL3.3: Words that have inspired me

Thursday : WDL3.4: Conversational Capital

Friday : WDL3.5: Negotiation Skills

4th week of the month: 

Monday: WDL4.1: What your child should know when ready to leave School?

Tuesday: WDL4.2: Time management and overcoming procrastination

Wednesday: WDL4.3: Learning from Literature ?

Thursday: WDL4.4: Homo Sapiens: a Primer on human evolution

Friday: WDL4.5: Loneliness : a modern malady

Coding Scheme : WDL for weekday learning ; the first number after WDL  is the week of the month ( ranges from 1 to 4). The second number after the dot is the sequence number of the course during that week. As we are offering only one course each day in this category, it also represents the day of the week. So 1 represents Monday, 2 represents Tuesday, 3 for Wednesday, 4 for Thursday and 5 for Friday. When more courses are added, another number will be added after another dot. Thus WDL 1.1.1 will be the first course on the  Monday of the first week. And WDL4.3.n will be the nth course on offer on the Wednesday of the 4th week of the month. There can be a large pool of one day courses. 

Learning Weekends:

LW : learning weekends . These are courses that run for the Saturday and Sunday of a weekend. As of now there are 28 courses in this category. More courses will be added in due course. 

1st weekend of the month:

LW1.1: The What and Why of Computational Thinking

LW1.2: Learning How to Learn Computing

LW1.3: Cultivating a growth mindset

LW1.4: Preparing for a 100  year life

LW1.5: Happiness Unlocked !!

LW1.6: Grit: its measurement and development

2nd weekend of the month:

LW2.1: The key elements of Computational Thinking

LW2.2: Learning How to Learn Mathematics

LW2.3: Financial Acumen

LW2.4: A digital learner’s toolkit

LW2.5: When there is no teacher

LW2.6: Mathematical Modelling

3rd weekend of the month:

LW3.1: Computational Thinking and related concepts

LW3.2: Learning How to Learn English ?

LW3.3: Awaken The Innovator Within ( you)

LW3.4: If you lost your job tomorrow ?

LW3.5: From education for employment to learning for self development

LW3.6: Cultivating Curiosity and Developing a Questioning Mind

4th weekend of the month: 

LW4.1: Computational Thinking for Complex Problem Solving

LW4.2: Learning to Read

LW4.3: Flash Fiction for creative expression

LW4.4: The Singularity is near ~ 2045?

LW4.5: Educating humans in the age of Artificial Intelligence 

LW4.6: The future of Learning is in your hands

5th weekend of the month:

LW5.1: The inverse Problem

LW5.2:Disruptive Educational Innovation

LW5.3:Conversational Intelligence

LW5.4: The concept of a Universal Basic Income

Coding Scheme : LW for learning weekend; the first number after LW is the weekend of the month ( ranges from 1 to 4). The second number after the dot is the sequence number of the course during that weekend. As of now there are 6 courses offered on the first 4 weekends, and 4 on the occasional 5th weekend. More courses are being  added to this pool. 


WLL: weeklong learning :

To join any of the above courses, please send a Whatsapp message to Professor MM Pant at +919810073724 or an e-mail to :