Weeklong Learning:(12)

Long lasting life-skills:

While we have created the 15 weekend courses that include the top 10 skills for 2020 as suggested by the World Economic Forum, it is generally agreed that they are not enough, and should be supplemented by longer lasting life-skills of which 15 are listed below. We also added ‘ the significance of ethics’ in the pool of weekend courses.

From May 2020, in pursuance of our Mission 2020, we will have a pool of  the following 12 courses ( WLL01 to WLL12) that are weeklong courses that run from Monday to Friday.

  • WLL01:Learning with WhatsApp, other mobile Apps and MOOCs
  • WLL02: Whatsapp for educators
  • WLL03: Learning Agility
  • WLL04:Computational Thinking
  • WLL05: Financial Acumen
  • WLL06: Health Literacy
  • WLL07:Preparing for a 100 year life
  • WLL08: Death? Understanding it is critical to living well
  • WLL09: Evolution and Extinctions
  • WLL10: Humour: a must have skill
  • WLL11: The pursuit of happiness
  • WLL12: Educational Leadership in the age of AI


WLL01: Learning with Whatsapp, other mobile Apps and MOOCs:

Day 1: Learning with Whatsapp:

1.1: Why Whatsapp?

1.2: Features of Whatsapp that make it great for learning 

1.3: Techniques for learning effectively with Whatsapp 

1.4: Lifelong Learning with Whatsapp 

1.5: Learning Artificial Intelligence with  Whatsapp 

Day 2: Learning with mobile Apps :

2.1: The benefits of using mobile Apps for learning

2.2: UNESCO mobile learning initiatives 

2.3: Blooms Taxonony and mobile Apps

2.4: Characteristics of a good educational App: How to choose an App that is effective for learning 

2.5: Pursuing  MOOCs through Apps. 

Day 3: Specific Learning Apps :

3.1: How to choose a good Learning App?

3.2: YouTube and other educational videos 

3.3: Duolingo  for language learning 

3.4: Khan Academy for Maths and other subjects

3.5: Grammarly for better writing in English 

Day 4: Learning with MOOCs:

4.1: A quick history of MOOCs

4.2: Coursera 

4.3: EdX

4.4: Futurelearn 

4.5: Learning with SWAYAM:

Day 5: Leveraging AI for better learning 

5.1: Converting Speech to Text

5.2: Using Text to Speech

5.3: Benefitting from Machine Translation

5.4: Using Google Alerts

5.5: Using YouTube recommendation engine to access personalised content 


WLL02: Whatsapp for educators:

This program is aimed to enable every educator ( school teacher, University faculty or independent professional) to deploy Whatsapp as a teaching tool in his/her context.

Crores of Indians have mobile phones and many of them would want to use their mobile phones for learning as well. There is a big opportunity for educators who can offer mobile learning. 

This program runs from Monday to Friday of every week. 

The flow of posts during this week is as below: 

Monday Day 1: WhatsApp   facilitated learning

Topic 1.1: Why WhatsApp ? It is a cross-platform product; works on Android, iOS and Jio feature phone. 

Topic 1.2: Features of WhatsApp as a learning tool: able to send text, photos, videos and voice messages. 

Topic 1.3: Overcoming the  limitations of WhatsApp

Topic 1.4: Protocol to be adopted in a whatsApp learning group

Topic 1.5: Revenue models

Tuesday Day 2: Design considerations for WhatsApp Delivery

Topic 2.1: Choosing a course topic: considerations

Topic 2.2: Incorporating Instructional Design: chunking

Topic 2.3: Mapping to credit value ( guided learning hours).

Topic 2.4: Content mix for an effective WhatsApp post

Topic 2.5: Effective content curation

Wednesday Day 3: Delivering a course with WhatsApp

Topic 3.1: Forming the  delivery team

Topic 3.2: The learner attributes

Topic 3.3: Creating the course groups 

Topic 3.4: Scheduling the posts 

Topic 3.5: Optimum lengths of the Whatsapp posts 

Thursday Day 4: Identifying possibilities for WhatsApp based learning

Topic 4.1: Design of a remote lecture delivered with Whatsapp 

Topic 4.2: Gagne’s 9 points of instruction 

Topic 4.3: WhatsApp for Continuing Professional Development

Topic 4.4: Remote coaching and mentoring with Whatsapp 

Topic 4.5: Using Whatsapp to reach out to Hindi medium students 

Friday Day 5: Wrap up: Some Use Cases and Tips 

Topic 5.1: Synchronous, a-synchronous and fast a-synchronous learning 

Topic 5.2: Bloom’s Taxonomy

Topic 5.3: Topics for which Whatsapp courses have been developed. 

Topic 5.4: Using Whatsapp to deliver remote lectures 

Topic 5.5: What next? Launching your own course(s)

This is a starting set of topics. They will be tweaked during the weeklong learning journey. As this is an example of social learning, the learning experience is enhanced by the rich interactions of the members of the cohort. 



These courses are offered  on the scheduled  weeks ( Monday to Friday)  as listed above. 

Expression of interest in joining a course can be made on any day, and all requests received upto the Sunday till 12 noon, before the schedule of the course will be placed in a cohort that would begin on the next Monday.


To register for this course:

First pay the fee of Rs 2500/- by PayTM to MM Pant ( mobile number : +919810073724).

Then send a Whatsapp message to MM Pant ( +919810073724) with the following information :

1: Your Name : First and Last

2: Mobile phone number linked to Whatsapp

3: Course Code and course name:

4: PayTM transaction number/ screenshot

5: Your brief profile ( optional). There will be an opportunity to briefly introduce yourself within the group also.

For those who prefer to pay through bank transfer, the required information is :

LMP Education Trust

Kotak Mahindra Bank, Sector 31, Gurgoan

A/c 9812371643

IFSC- KKBK0004258

Type of account- Saving


To seek any clarification or for further information, please send a Whatsapp message to Prof. MM Pant at +919810073724.