WhatsApp Learning Communities:

WhatsApp Learning Communities: 

Learning is both an individual and a social activity. A WhatsApp group facilitates knowledge sharing through interactions and communications transcending barriers of space and time. 

I facilitate five WhatsApp groups that have slightly different emphasis, but collectively encourage intellectual growth. 

They are :

1: Learning 321:

This is a learning community seeded by Prof.MM Pant to explore social and collaborative learning for the 3rd decade of the 21st Century. It is a unique group where members propose what they want to learn. And other members of the group work to create explanatory content,with links to curated additional resources. Building on the 2009 Nobel Prize(Economics)work of Elinor Ostrom, and forced by the Covid 19 pandemic it explores a community based model of  learning.

2: Philosophy Matters:

Philosophy encourages critical and independent thought and can lead  to a better understanding of the world and promote tolerance and peace. This group had its first major activity on Thursday 17th November 2022, celebrated as World Philosophy Day. On this World Philosophy Day 2022, the group had learning session of about 90 minutes with the theme ‘ Rational Thinking’, where we explored the significance of  the World Philosophy Day and touched upon Why Learn Philosophy? for school, college and University students, as for Lifelong Learners.

3: Demystifying AI:

The purpose of this group is to help demystify AI and make sense if it. In due course AI will impact the lives of everyone on this planet. Therefore appreciating what it can do and what it cannot is important for every citizen.

4: Quantum Readiness :

Unlike many discoveries that were clearly attributed to one or a few people, Quantum ideas accrued over a period of decades with contributors to the theory violently disagreeing with others. The Physics Nobel Prize of 2022 was awarded towards resolution of one of the issues. This group is for those interested in a  Quantum view of the world or maybe universe. Members of the group may range from School students to senior citizens who are curious to know more about this wonderful description of reality.

5: Serendipitous learning : 

This WhatsApp group is meant for young learners, at the School stage, as well as their parents. We actively learn all the time. Sometimes  intentionally according to a prescribed curriculum and at other times we learn serendipitously. In this group, we will post items spanning a whole range of topics that are intellectually stimulating, create wonder,increase curiosity and help in fostering a Scientific Temper. The content will continually evolve in response to the members interests. Welcome !

If you wish to join any of these groups just make a WhatsApp request to Prof MM Pant at +919810073724

I had earlier made publicly shared the links to join these groups, but it led to some undesirable elements showing up.