Why Learn AI?

Why Learn AI?

Background : 

The 4th Industrial Revolution led by AI and other contemporary disruptive technologies is impacting and transforming the way we live,learn and work. It is not only about technology leaders IBM, Microsoft,Apple, Google and Amazon but historians like Yuval Noah Harari who are urging us to seek clarity in all the massive irrelevant information being unleashed upon us. ‘Know thyself’ seems to be the master algorithm for prospering and flourishing in the immediate future.

The Indian Supreme Court recently issued directions to the Medical Council of India to use AI for better administration. It shouldn’t be too late before it uses AI for its own purposes.

The potential for transforming agriculture, health and education is generally understood. The time now is for its widespread adoption. And not by the traditional trickle down effect of the past. But by the peer learning model by which India learnt to use the mobile phone. India is going rapidly digital, 1.21 billion mobile connections, 1.2 billion Aadhaars issued, close to half a billion internet users. The future of learning therefore is literally in the hands of these uniquely identified billion+ Indians. 

This Whatsapp delivered course, that can be accessed even through the humble Jio feature phone with Whatsapp will  run on every weekend, and is designed at de-mystifying AI  and promoting a better public understanding of the What, why and how of this most important technology ever in the history of humans. 

The first cohort for this Whatsapp course will run on Saturday October 13th/ Sunday October 14th 2018,and then every weekend thereafter. Even if there is only one person registered for this course on any weekend, it will still be run for that one person. 

Course details:

Day 1 ( Saturday) : What’s the excitement about AI? 

Session brief : Although it may not be apparent, we are already using AI in many of our routine tasks. The spam e-mail filter, predictive text, Siri, Alexa or face recognition to unlock our iPhones are all AI applications. With big hopes the term was proposed in 1956 but was followed by disillusionment. Today Andrew Ng says “ AI is the new electricity”. This session’s posts  cover the evolution of AI, what can AI do today, and its implications for the future. 

Many of the techniques now extensively used for solving complex problems became meaningfully available only in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century. This is truly 21st Century learning. 

Topic 1.1:  What can AI do today?

Topic 1.2:  When will AI be common? Tipping points 

Topic 1.3:  How will AI transform the economy ? To a Gig economy?

Topic 1.4: How frightened should we be of AI? 

Topic 1.5: Why 2017 was the year of Artificial Intelligence? 

Day 2 ( Sunday) : Why you should learn about  AI ?

Session brief: Most of the educational programs in the field are at Masters level and a few at the Undergraduate level,and with the goal to produce AI developers and professionals. But AI is ubiquitous and all pervasive and will be the core technology in a large variety of applications. An appreciation and understanding of the field has to be fostered in all, as part of the Fundamental duties of all citizens  Article 51A(h,j,k)  “ to develop the Scientific temper …….and the spirit of enquiry..; pursuit of excellence and achievement and  education for children aged 6 to 14.”

To be  ready and prepared for the new opportunities ahead, there is  need for an early orientation and awareness, at all stages of life beginning from School to the post-retirement years. 

Topic 2.1: What is the relationship between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning? 

Topic 2.2: How do machines learn? 

Topic 2.3: How can one become robot-proof? Harnessing Intelligent Machines 

Topic 2.4: Where can one learn more ? Becoming a self-directed lifelong learner 

Topic 2.5: Special info for : students, college goers, recent graduates, mid- career, retiring and retired ( but not tired) people


Fee structure :

Fee for a weekend program   : Rs 1000+ GST Rs 180= Rs 1180

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Fees can be easily paid through PayTM : pay to +919810073724.

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